Special Ring band, Bezel & Prong setting classes

Available dates/times:
Thursday afternoon’s starting March 23rd
12pm-3pm, 5 afternoon workshops
$285 per person




Workshop includes:

fine silver bezel wire
wire for prong-like settings, bails
saw blades

Students supply their own cabochon cut stones, crystals, rocks, etc.

Learn how to measure, fabricate and form ring bands, bezel/prong set cabochon stones, saw, and solder. Texture your metal designs using hammers, stamping tools, roller print (using lace, paper cut-outs, leaf skeletons, hole punched paper, etc), annealing and work hardening your metal. Students leave with beautiful, handmade creations and the knowledge/skills to build more work!

Resource list of suppliers is included. Reserve your seat(s) soon!

Group of Sterling silver ring bands.

Ring band workshops March Break Saturday March 25th 1pm to 4pm $88.50pp

Learn how to properly measure for your finger, handsaw, anneal Sterling silver, add texture with hammers, steel stamps, or Rolling mill. Form, solder and finish to matte or high polish and leave this workshop with a beautiful sterling silver ring band!  All materials included: Sterling for 1 ring band.

No experience necessary!





 METAL + GLASS 4wk: Next course starts up Monday March 27th, 2017 and runs Monday & Wednesday evenings • Learn basic Goldsmithing – 6:30-9:30pm (afternoon hours available for May & June course)

2 payment options: 

  1. All inclusive course = $275 plus a lab fee of $125* Deposit of $200
  2. Regular course $275

evening #1: First evening: working with copper: safety, drilling, sawing. Adding textures.

evening #2: Making a band ring out of silver (stamp, hammer finish, roller print, etc.)

evening #3: Working with wax create pieces w/the lost wax technique- to be cast in Sterling silver or bronze/brass.

evening #4: Finishing wax projects, Cuttlefish casting (lo-tech) in house.

evening #5: Kilnworked glass. Fuse several glass pieces (buckle, pendant, cabochon for setting later!). Etching copper.

evening #6: Enameling copper projects, forming, how to make your own basic findings.

evening #7: Bezel settings cabochon stones or fossils or crystals, or an enamelled or Fused glass piece.

evening #8: Finish up projects

No experience necessary!

Copper, wax, glass, and some sterling silver are supplied*.  A list of local suppliers is included.   Questions concerning this course? Please see our FAQ’s

What is included: (items with asterisk included with Lab Fee)

Approx 3″ x 3″ piece of 16 to 18 gauge copper & *16 ga Sterling silver sheet & wire/15 gr casting grain

Sterling silver for 1 ring band, approx 60mm in length and 1.5mm thick (6mm wide)



1 dozen 3/0 saw blades, *1 gross of 3/0 saw blades

Glass powders/Frit & sheet for Fusing *Approximately 1kg of Lead crystal towards a lost wax casting.

Bezel wire for 1 setting

Use of tools & equipment *Bench pin and saw frame to take home

Students are encouraged to supply their own cabochon cut stones, crystals, rocks, etc. However there is a small selection of stones for students to choose from.

January '17 course

March course standard


Lab deposit

All inclusive deposit

Other start-up dates include: 

April 24th ($275pp)



May 29th to June 21st ($275pp) afternoons 12pm-3pm or evenings 6:30pm-9:30pm



June 26th to July 19th 2017 ($275pp) afternoons 12pm-3pm or evenings 6:30pm-9:30pm



Silver Metal Clay workshop w/guest artist instructor, Leanne Ellis

Saturday & Sunday April 22/23rd, 12am-5pm both days. 6 student max, 3 min. $285pp includes materials.  In this class Leanne will introduce you to Silver Metal Clay, an amazing material consisting of sterling or fine silver particles suspended in an organic binder. You can create with it as you would with normal clay, it’s extremely versatile. However after firing in a small kiln the result is solid silver – heaven!  We will be constructing a bezel pendant, into which we will set a photo, artwork, or other flat memento of your choice and capture it under a glass like crystal clear resin, creating a completely unique heirloom quality piece. The process of creating this pendant will equip you with several simple but eye-catching techniques that can be applied to many of your future metal clay projects. No experience necessary! Deposit of half required to reserve seat. 











screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-12-16-36-pmLost wax casting course- sculpt wax, make moulds, cast your objects in Sterling silver* 4 weeks Monday & Wednesday evenings starting May 1st runs to May 31st (except week of May 21st) 6:30-9:30pm $550pp No experience necessary! 6 student max. Deposit of $275 to reserve seat deposit_button

In this course students carve/sculpt jeweller’s wax making a ring or a pendant that will be cast in Sterling silver using the Vacuum casting process. Burn out casting will be discussed, and low-tech casting methods will be discussed and demonstrated.

Students will learn how to make moulds for wax injection/production work. Casting stones in place, such as: diamonds, sapphires, meteorites and certain lab grown stones will be discussed/demonstrated.

The first evening starts with an introduction to various jeweller’s wax, carving tools, subtractive and additive sculpting. Students then discuss their design ideas and begin to carve/sculpt their pieces to be cast.

The second evening demonstrates how to cast organic materials; bone, shell, or wood

Each evening covers a different part of the Lost Wax process into finishing work to a high polish or brushed finish as well as working with patinas.

14k red gold ring

14k red gold ring

What’s included:

Various wax for carving and sculpting

Silicone kits for mould making

spiral saw blades

Nitrile gloves

Particulate masks

2 ounces of Sterling silver

*students wishing to cast in gold will be given supplier information.


Sterling silver lost wax cast crab claws

Sterling silver lost wax cast crab claws










Please read our FAQs & policies 


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