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Jackalopes & Bunnicorns in Toronto

Student piece from 2015

Saturday, January 27th, 2018  12pm start – Jackalope & Bunnicorn shoulder mounts
Limited class size of 8 people, $340pp •  Early bird discount = $300 until October 2017 when paid in full 

This class will introduce students to basic small mammal taxidermy, focusing on the skinning, prepping, and sculpting techniques specific to the face. We will cover splitting lips, thinning noses, turning ears, and other techniques to successfully set a face. Each student is provided with their own specimen which they will skin, flesh, prep, mount, and groom. We will go through the process of carving busts for each mount, how to attach antlers, and will discuss taxidermy techniques that can be used for projects larger and smaller. Carcasses will be used for reference and available to students if they want them. Further preservation processes will be discussed as well; tanning, mummification, wet specimens, bone cleaning, etc. Everything is supplied and students do not need any prior experience for this class. Each student will leave with their own finished piece and the knowledge to create their own in the future.