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Tenth Anniversary for nanopod: Hybrid Studio


Yay! nanopod made it to 10 on Harbord Street in Toronto! OK well, almost.. 😉 The studio turns 10 years old in 2015. Sharing the same birthday as the iPod nano (though we’re not twins) of September 7th, 2005. That said, the studio is planning to celebrate all year! Yep. We are going to offer all our lovely supporters, enablers, friends and potential visitors 10% off towards workshops, courses, studio-made jewelry, objects and ephemera of the bizarre!

Using the tag/code: #NANOME10 share your nano moments* on Twitter @nanopodstudio, Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr for a chance to win a #nanoSwag gift pack for the New Year

3 Winners will be chosen December 27th, 2014! Share often for more chances to win!
nanoSwag gifts: 1 nanoScarf* (100% cotton) with hand screened design. 1 nanoBuckle*: kiln cast glass with hand screened, or painted/decal design. 10% discount towards any workshop or class!

[*doesnt have to be studio related, nanoSwag may differ in colours shown, discount certificate will look different. Winnings will be available for pick-up between December 28th-January 8th! And will be arranged individually]