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March updates

Due to a death in the family the studio schedule was significantly changed for March workshops/courses.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and sincerely thank everyone for their support, patience and understanding.

This year, while I remain optimistic, has been difficult with my father in-law being very ill, trips to Montreal to visit him, and his death March 13th. Losing a parent, no matter your age, is not easy. Gérard was a brilliant mind, witty, and extremely charming. Gérard was an actor, and a journalist for the CBC.

Bonne Fête nationale à tous les Québécois et Québécoises de cœur!

Voici un reportage diffusé le «Ce Soir» 17 juin 1977 dans lequel le journaliste Gérard Gravel retrace l’historique de la Fête de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

Meanwhile, I plan to reopen the studio for demos, workshops, etc., starting Thursday, March 29th.

Thank you all again. Hope to see you next Thursday and in April!

Winter Holidays are coming!

Be part of the nano-changes gradually taking place over at the studio! When you purchase an item through my Etsy store – now to November 30th – use coupon code: HOLIDAY20 and receive 20% off your purchase(s) 🙂

Monies gathered go into the much needed renovation/organization of
nanopod: Hybrid Studio

Plus, you receive a handmade, one of a kind and/or limited edition work! Please share this coupon code with friends or family. Thank you for your support!
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hand flame-worked glass heart
hand flame-worked glass heart