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New Year DIY Workshops in Toronto!


(psst, these workshops make incredible OOAK gifts!!)

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Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 5.22.06 PMResin casting, mould-making workshops with Nick Sianchuk
Sculpt, mould and create your own plastic figurines, wearable art, and more!

Saturday, January 17th 2015 10am to 6pm, $185pp

Learn how to cast polyurethane resin using silicone/flexible moulds. You’ll make Open Face (1 part) and 2 part molds and use them to create plastic reproductions. The instructor will help you select objects that can be molded, and how to complete the moulding and casting process. Personal projects are welcome, but there will be a limit to project size.



All materials included; silicone mould material, polyurethane plastic, clay, mixing containers, tints and dyes, nitrile gloves will be available for use. Participants will create at least 3 pieces

Everyone needs to bring in their own half-face respirators for use when pouring/mixing polyurethane.



Birthday party ring band workshop!
Birthday party ring band workshop!

Ring band workshops 1-4pm $85pp 6 student max per workshop/session Next workshop is Sunday, January, 25th  This is perfect for newly engaged folks. Take the class together and learn to make your own custom wedding bands! In this class you’ll be introduced to simple goldsmithing skills of sawing, filing, sanding, soldering, texturing, annealing, stamping, polishing, safety, and design. By the end of class you will have a beautiful handmade Sterling silver ring! Learn how to properly size your finger, calculate the length of metal necessary, add texture to metal using different hammers, stamping tools, or add the texture of a leaf, feather or paper. How to anneal Sterling silver, form, solder, and finishing techniques from hyper shiny bling to a brushed, matte finish. All materials included! {Sterling silver for 1 ring band} NO experience necessary.




Pate de Verre Sugar Skulls, adornments, objects! 6:30-9:30pm Tuesday, Jan 13th  (6 student max, 3 student min) Register today! $110pp ALL materials included.

Working with glass powders students can make feathers, leaves, various shapes and designs. Create gifts for the holidays, ornaments, jewelry, sculptures. This workshop is a great introduction to pâte de verre, which uses granules of glass to create sculptural forms. Students will make clay models and plaster/silca moulds that will then be painted/packed with glass. Pâte de verre methods and design options are demonstrated. 2 to 3 items are produced.

Student pieces will then be kiln-dried and back-filled if necessary prior to a final firing.

October 22



brit1 Day workshop in electroforming and plating crystals, geodes, glass beads and more!
January 24th, 10am to 5pm $140pp

Learn how to electro-form copper onto wax, crystals, geodes, fossils, and glass then plate over the copper with gold. Agate slices, crystals and glass beads will be available for experimentation. Participants are encouraged to bring in their own stash of shells, crystals and small items.
All materials included! Register today. Email for gift certificate info.

Plastic-Polyurethane Workshops in the T-Dot (aka Toronto)

Hey look! Fear not! The incredible Kaiju workshops have dates in January and February, 2014! Register now, these are limited edition, special guest instructor led workshops. To register roll over our Workshops & Course link for the sub-menu.

Kaiju [working with liquid plastic] workshop! Sculpt, mould and create your own plastic figurines, wearable art, and more!
Guest instructor: Nick Sianchuk from Nugs.ca
January workshop: Friday evening January 24thth intro 6:30-9:30pm, Saturday & Sunday January 25 & 26 11am to 6pm
February workshop: Friday evening Feb 21st intro 6:30-9:39pm, Saturday & Sunday Feb 22nd & 23rd 11am to 6pm
3 student minimum, 6 Student max., $180pp +$105 materials & lab fee

– how to think like a Kaiju
– design concepts, and bringing ideas to life!
– make a one-piece, open-faced block mould
– make your own simple two-part mould
– learn how to cast, tint, add colour to your work
– tips on how to set up your own little casting factory in your basement, garage or over at Mom’s house.

Registrants receive kits that include silicone mould material, polyurethane plastic, clay, armature materials (if your piece(s) call for this), mixing containers, tints and dyes. Nitrile gloves will be available for use, and half face particulate masks, however, students are encouraged to bring in their own respirators if they own one.

The $105 materials & lab fee is your deposit towards this workshop. The remaining fee is due the first Intro evening. Please leave a note with your registration for which workshop you’re signing up for, Jan or Feb, Thanks!

nanopod: Hybrid Studio
322 Harbord Street
Toronto, ON
This illustration of "Flaming Monster Gamera" (from An Anatomical Guide to Monsters) reveals eyes that can see in the dark, arms strong enough to lift and throw a 50-ton boat, and "fire sacks" that let Gamera shoot flames from his hands.
This illustration of “Flaming Monster Gamera” (from An Anatomical Guide to Monsters) reveals eyes that can see in the dark, arms strong enough to lift and throw a 50-ton boat, and “fire sacks” that let Gamera shoot flames from his hands.