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Carnival of Taxidermy! Special Guest Artist workshops in Toronto

Toronto’s Carnival of Taxidermy Book Signing event!
Divya will be in Toronto July 6th thru 9th sharing her skills through amazing workshops:
Join us Thursday evening July 6th for a wildy wondrous celebration replete with stop-motion films, taxidermy demonstrations, oddity vendors, and more…
Immerse yourself in an evening of wonder and revelry at this carnivalesque gala of oddity, art, and science celebrating the release of a fascinating new book on the art of taxidermy by Brooklyn taxidermists Divya Anantharaman and Katie Innamorato. Come discover the secrets and stories of this resurgent craft at this illuminating and enchanting celebration.
 In their new book Stuffed Animals, Anantharaman and Innamorato demystify the practice of taxidermy, shatter the gross stereotypes, and make it accessible to anyone. Committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing.
The authors are part of the vanguard of young taxidermists who bring a sense of fun and experimentation to this old-school hobby.
Super excited to announce the artists that will be giving you a horror show during our Carnival of Taxidermy event!
House of the Sacred Heart
Join us to celebrate the release of the book in Canada!
Pre-order your book and have it signed at the event! Link below.


Book Signing Carnival of Taxidermy Event, 906 Queen Street West @Crawford, July 6th 5pm – Midnight

Advance book purchase, pick-up during book signing 


Ladies, Gentlemen, Terrestrials extra & odd! Nanopod: Hybrid Studio is offering a giveaway towards Katie Inamorato’s amazing Jackalope Shoulder Mount workshop! This workshop is taking place Saturday evening, August 27th. Here’s your chance to learn from a highly skilled, professional artist-taxidermist. Do not miss out on this opportunity!

Jackalopes are fierce creatures! Roaming the Southwestern United States. Their horns rumoured to contain magical powers, their gaze causing hallucinations.

This giveaway is for 1 Seat in our upcoming August 27th workshop. 

JACKALOPE WORKSHOP GIVEAWAY! In order for your name to be added to the list* Follow us on Instagram @nanopodstudio • leave a comment on our last post and Follow (@Afterlifeanatomy, @Bloodyberrylicious & @RueMorgue)  Then SHARE (regram) the Jackalope Giveaway info to any of the following: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter • Make sure to include the following tags and hashtags with your post/regram:  @nanopodstudio #taxidermy #toronto #Jackalope • for your chance to win!

*names will be entered into a Random Name Picker
May the odds be ever in your favour!