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Metal + Glass individual workshops

The studio is offering individual workshops in metal forming and fabrication/soldering, ring band forging, kiln forming or flame working, bezel setting stones, carving wax, lo-tech casting, etching metal, cold connections and more!

Each workshop runs 3 hours and includes materials necessary to cover the projects. No experience necessary! Afternoon hours 1-4pm or Evening hours 6:30-9:30pm

Please see workshop schedule below:

Monday, May 15th or 29th- Form, fabricate (saw, drill): working with copper: safety, drilling, sawing. Adding textures. Make a pendant, cuff bracelet or a couple of rings. Heat colouring the copper, sweat soldering is covered. $88pp includes saw blades, drill bits, 2″ x 4.5″ piece of copper, silver solder. 


Ring band workshops

Wednesday May 17 or May 31st- Ring band workshop: Making a band ring out of silver (stamp, hammer finish, roller print, etc.) Learn how to properly size, measure your finger, anneal sterling silver, joint solder, form and finish a beautiful sterling silver ring! $88pp includes all materials to complete 1 ring band.



Monday, May 22nd or June 14th- Kiln & Torch fired Vitreous enamel: Enameling copper projects, forming, how to make your own basic findings. Saw, add texture, form a pendant, add powdered glass enamel. $88pp includes enamel and 2″x2″ piece of copper, saw blades, drill bits. There is no soldering in this workshop.  



Wednesday May 24th or Monday June 19th-  Bezel set a cabochon stone or flat bottomed crystal: Learn how to bezel set stones working with fine and sterling silver. Pendants are made in this workshop. $88pp includes all materials for 1 pendant.



Wednesday May 24th or Monday June 29th- Bezel set a cabochon stone or prong-set a crystal/fossil: Learn how to bezel set stones working with fine and sterling silver. Rings are made in this workshop $125pp includes all materials for 1 ring with a bezel OR prong set crystal/fossil. Materials available for use include; bronze, sterling silver. A ring incorporating both metals is allowed! 


Register for the entire 4 week series starting May 29th: $275pp Again: zero experience necessary! 


METAL + GLASS 4wk: Next course starts up Monday May 29th, 2017 and runs Monday & Wednesday evenings • Learn basic Goldsmithing – 12pm to 3pm or 6:30-9:30pm 

evening #1: First evening: working with copper: safety, drilling, sawing. Adding textures.

evening #2: Making a band ring out of silver (stamp, hammer finish, roller print, etc.)

evening #3: Working with wax create pieces w/the lost wax technique- to be cast in Sterling silver or bronze/brass.

evening #4: Finishing wax projects, Cuttlefish casting (lo-tech) in house.

evening #5: Kilnworked glass. Fuse several glass pieces (buckle, pendant, cabochon for setting later!).

evening #6: Enameling copper projects, forming, how to make your own basic findings.

evening #7: Bezel settings cabochon stones or fossils or crystals, or an enamelled or Fused glass piece.

evening #8: Finish up projects

No experience necessary!

Copper, wax, glass, and some sterling silver are supplied*.  A list of local suppliers is included.   Questions concerning this course? Please see our FAQ’s

What is included: (items with asterisk included with Lab Fee)

Approx 3″ x 3″ piece of 16 to 18 gauge copper & *16 ga Sterling silver sheet & wire/15 gr casting grain

Sterling silver for 1 ring band, approx 60mm in length and 1.5mm thick (6mm wide)



1 dozen 3/0 saw blades, *1 gross selection of Jeweller’s saw blades

Glass powders/Frit & sheet for Fusing *Approximately 1kg of Lead crystal towards a lost wax casting.

Bezel wire for 1 setting

Use of tools & equipment *Bench pin and saw frame to take home

Students are encouraged to supply their own cabochon cut stones, crystals, rocks, etc. However there is a small selection of stones for students to choose from.

Early Fall end of Summer workshops at nanopod studio!

ringRing band, Bezel & Prong setting classes

Available dates/times:
Tuesday, August 30th 6:30-9:30/10pm & Thursday, Sept 1st 6:30-9:30/10pm  or
Saturday, Sept 3rd afternoon intensive 12pm-6pm
or Winter classes:
Saturday, January 28th afternoon intensive 12pm-6pm
Saturday, February 4th afternoon intensive 12pm-6pm
$285 per person

Please ad date choice in note
Please add date choice in note




Workshop includes:
fine silver bezel wire
wire for prong-like settings, bails
saw blades
3”x3” 18ga sterling silver sheet

Students supply their own cabochon cut stones, crystals, rocks, etc.

Learn how to measure, fabricate and form ring bands, bezel/prong set cabochon stones, saw, and solder. Texture your metal designs using hammers, stamping tools, roller print (using lace, paper cut-outs, leaf skeletons, hole punched paper, etc), annealing and work hardening your metal. Students leave with beautiful, handmade creations and the knowledge/skills to build more work!

Resource list of suppliers is included. Reserve your seat(s) soon! bezel settings

Register with 3 or more friends and receive 10% off (each seat).


Amazing classes – register this weekend!

October classes that need you to sign-up, confirm your seat & supplies by Tuesday, Oct 20th.

Beginning Insect Mounting workshop- Friday, October 23rd 6:30-9:30pm. This is a one of a kind workshop taking place in Toronto. $70pp register below or click the Taxidermy link above in the menu- sign-up button can be found there as well. Confirmation needs to happen by Tuesday, Oct 20th for enough insects, display cases, spreading boards, pins, and other special supplies to be available for everyone.               

Metal Chain chain chains & other techniques. Running Tuesday evenings, starting Oct 27th. Interested in having this class run? Confirm your seat and supplies by registering no later than Oct 20th. Sign-Up button can be found below (or through Courses button in menu) along with further information. 

BUGS {beginning Entomology} EVENING CLASS $70pp 
6:30pm-10pm, October 23rd – Class is FULL

In this class, students will learn everything about basic butterfly preparation. We will discuss harvesting and drying specimen, rehydrating dried specimen, and in class we will practice handling techniques, spreading, mounting, the nuances of posing, display, and maintenance. An assortment of ethically sourced butterflies in various sizes, shapes, and colors will be provided. Students will learn how to put together and maintain their own rehydration chamber, things to check for during all stages of the process to ensure a clean and successful end product, and tips for gentle handling. Students will also build their very own spreading boards for use in class and beyond. We will also cover how to select museum quality materials for displays. Display cases for finished butterflies will be provided

As always, all specimen are ethically sourced. We will be reviewing the origins of the assorted butterflies used in class, how students can ethically and legally source specimen, and suggested, reputable suppliers. If there are any excess specimen left, they will be available for students to take home for practice and future use.

Students go home with their own prepared butterfly, a spreading board that can be used for future projects, an extra butterfly for practice, and the knowledge to create their own pieces in the future. It is recommended students bring a small bag or box to transport their pieces.


Metal-  Chain chain chainssss, hinges, gold fused onto silver (keum-bo), settings, working with bronze & silver clay. 1 evening per week, starts up Tuesday, October 27th 6:30-9:30pm 9 weeks –     3 student minimum, 6 student max. $380pp   (4 spots remaining!) 

Screenshot 2015-09-05 11.50.34Step it up! Make your own handmade chains, construct a hinged locket/box. Fuse gold to silver. Learn basic, hand built prong settings, tab settings, and setting free-form cabs/drusy with Sterling hand-cut bezels. Demonstrations of how to construct rolo, cable chain, woven, and weaving over armatures. Participants will also learn how to construct their own closures, and locking mechanisms. Applying gold to fine silver/sterling silver: participants will add texture to silver via hammers and fuse 24k gold foil onto their designs through Keum-bo. Basic prong settings for faceted stones and cabs and working with bronze clay and silver clay.
Materials included:
•Bronze & Silver clay
•Sterling plate 3″x3″ 16 gauge(1.3mm)
•Copper wire (for woven chain practice and armatures)
•Sterling wire (15′ of 19gauge, 6′ half-round 12gauge)
•Choice of 5-8mm faceted stone for prong setting
•Copper & Brass tubing for hinges
•23.5k gold foil for Keum-bo process

No experience necessary! Register by Oct 20th to reserve your bench space and supplies.