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Science and Art workshops in Toronto #sciart

 Flame working Glass Eyes for Taxidermy & Sculpture – Thursday evening July 6th 6:30-9:30pm  $185pp 10 student max. 2 seats remain.

This is a special workshop teaching students basic murrini and cane construction methods, shaping glass at a bench-mounted, surface-mix oxygen/propane torch. Safety is discussed, tools, terminology of glass, and process. Each student will have access to a torch and will melt and form glass using a variety of hand tools. 

This is the chance to experience working molten glass and make glass eyes! Various iris methods will be demonstrated: Dragon eyes, mammalian, avian, cephalopod, alien as well as pulling eye cane and adding nichrome wire. Working with hard glass and soft glass students will produce eye shapes and sizes they can use in their taxidermy specimen, sculptural work or jewellery.   Class fee includes all materials
No experience necessary!btn_buynow_LG Ages 12 on up are welcome!

Back & Front view
Back & Front view

ENTOMOLOGY 101: Morphos & Jewels {Beetles & Moths) Friday, July 7th 6:30-9pm Lecture/demo starts at 6:30pm  $75 for full workshop 6:30-9pm  btn_buynow_LG


This workshop takes place at 906 Queen Street West (at Crawford)

In this class, students will learn everything about basic insect preparation. We will discuss harvesting and drying specimen, rehydrating dried specimen, and in class we will practice handling techniques, spreading, mounting, the nuances of posing, display, and maintenance. An assortment of ethically sourced insects; Beetles, moths and butterflies, in various sizes, shapes, and colors will be provided. Students will learn how to put together and maintain their own rehydration chamber, things to check for during all stages of the process to ensure a clean and successful end product, and tips for gentle handling. We will also cover how to select museum quality materials for displays. Students receive 1 Riker mount for their specimen, 1 set of insect pins & 2 insects.

As always, all specimen are ethically sourced. We will be reviewing the origins of the insects used in class, how students can ethically and legally source specimen, and suggested, reputable suppliers.

Students go home with their own prepared insects, one Riker mount display, the pinning/spreading board made during class, resource list as well as 1 set of insect pins.and the knowledge to create their own pieces in the future. It is recommended students bring a small bag or box or display case to transport their pieces. Wooden spreading boards, insect pins, archival habitat materials and various insects are available at the studio for purchase.

Spreading boards, insect pins, archival habitat materials and various insects are available at the studio for purchase.  (participants can choose 2 insects to work on)! 299217

Lecture and demonstration can be attended for $25. Lecture/demo fee can be added towards the full workshops offered if you change your mind (if space is available)! Full workshop includes 2-3 insects (a variety to choose from!) one Riker mount display, the pinning/spreading board made during class, resource list as well as 1 set of insect pins.

Other unusual insects will be available for purchase before and after the workshops! Tea, coffee, water and snacks will be available during class.

proud member
proud member

Proud member

Lo-tech casting, Taxidermy, working with bones & more!

Casting with Cuttlefish Bone! 3/hr workshop Wednesday April 19th 6:30-9:30pm $88pp

Lo-tech casting using Cuttlefish bone as a mould material. Students will be casting with sterling silver or recycling gold*  Carving with simple tools, fixing the mould, pouring and cleaning/finishing their pieces. Rings can be made, pendants, charms. Sterling silver is supplied *gold students bring in jewellery they no longer wear and would like to turn into something new! No experience necessary!






Ring band workshops

Saturday April 29th: 1pm-4pm Ring Band workshop– make a sterling silver ring band. $88ppbtn_buynow_LG

Learn how to properly size your finger (thumb), pinkies and create beautiful rings! Adding texture using hammers, stamps and/or the Rolling mill. Then forming, annealing and soldering is covered as well as various finishing techniques. Sterling silver for 1 ring band is included! No experience necessary!







Wilder Duncan’s Bat Skeleton Articulation Workshop – Thursday, Oct 12 or Saturday Oct 14th or Sunday Oct 15th 2017 – 12pm Early registration $270pp – Reserve your seat with a deposit of $135


In this class, students will learn how to create an osteological preparation of a bat in the fashion of 19th century zoological displays. A cleaned bat skeleton (Pipistrellus abramus), a glass dome, branches, glue, tools, and all necessary materials will be provided for each student, but one should feel welcome to bring small feathers, stones, dried flowers, dead insects, natural elements, or any other materials s/he might wish to include in his/her composition. Students will leave the class with a visually striking, fully articulated, “lifelike” bat skeleton posed in a 10″ tall glass dome. The class will focus on teaching ancient methods of specimen preparation that link science with art: students will create compositions involving natural elements and, according to their taste, will compose a traditional Victorian environment or a modern display. No experience necessary!


Thursday evening, Oct 12th start time 6:30pm



Saturday Afternoon, Oct 14th start time 12pm



Sunday Afternoon, Oct 15th start time 12pm

New Workshops & Courses listed for March and April






Saturday, March 12th noon to 6pm Jackalope shoulder mounts
EXPERIENCE LEVEL-Beginner to Intermediate 
Limited class size of 8 people, $340pp (4 seats remain) Deposit of $170 required to hold your seat in this workshop

This class will introduce students basic small mammal taxidermy, focusing on the skinning, prepping, and sculpting techniques specific to the face. We will cover splitting lips, thinning noses, turning ears, and other techniques to successfully set a face. Each student is provided with their own specimen which they will skin, flesh, prep, mount, and groom. We will go through the process of carving busts for each mount, how to attach antlers, and will discuss taxidermy techniques that can be used for projects larger and smaller. Carcasses will be used for reference and available to students if they want them. Further preservation processes will be discussed as well; tanning, mummification, wet specimens, bone cleaning, etc. Everything is supplied and students do not need any prior experience for this class. Each student will leave with their own finished piece and the knowledge to create their own in the future.















Screenshot 2015-11-05 11.32.55


METAL + GLASS 4wk: Next course starts up Monday, March 14th- runs Monday & Wednesday evenings
Form • Fabricate • Cast • Fuse – Learn basic Goldsmithing – 6:30-9:30pm, 4 weeks, 2 evenings per week. – $285 per person, 6 people max, 3 people min. Deposit of $137.50 to hold space

evening #1: First evening: working with copper-safety, drilling, sawing.
evening #2: Making a band ring out of silver (stamp, hammer finish, roller print, etc.)

evening #3: Working with wax create pieces w/the lost wax technique- to be cast in Sterling silver.

evening #4: Finishing wax projects, Cuttlefish casting (lo-tech) in house.

evening #5: Kilnworked glass. Fuse several glass pieces (buckle, pendant, cabochon for setting later!).

evening #6: Enameling copper projects, forming, how to make your own basic findings.

evening #7: Bezel settings cabochon stones or fossils or crystals, or an enamelled or Fused glass piece.

evening #8: Finish up projects

No experience necessary!

Copper, wax, glass, and some sterling silver are supplied*.  A list of local suppliers is included.   Questions concerning this course? Please see our FAQ’s

What is included:
Sterling silver for 1 ring band
Approx 3″ x 3″ piece of 16 to 18 gauge copper
Solder to complete projects in class
1 dozen 3/0 saw blades
Glass powders/Frit & sheet for Fusing
Bezel wire for 1 setting
Use of tools & equipment

March course
March course




Hollow-forms, lockets, basic prong settings, photo etching and fusing metals

9 weeks, Starting April 5th $380pp includes all materials necessary for projects. Build a hollow-form pendant/ring and construct a locket with hinge and locking mechanism. Learn basic, hand built prong settings, tab settings, and setting free-form cabs.  Etching copper/brass and Sterling silver. Working with photos, computer renderings and hand drawn images students will learn various method of applying imagery and working with mordants to etch into metal.

Materials included:

•Sterling plate 3″x 3″ 16 gauge(1.3mm)

•Copper wire (for woven chain practice and armatures)

•Sterling wire & tubing

•Choice of 5-8mm faceted stone for prong setting

•Copper & Brass tubing for hinges

• Consumables: solder, drill bits, emery paper

• Consumables necessary for etching various metals

Students are welcome to bring in their own found items, cabochons, etc., to use in their projects.

Deposit necessary to hold space $190


2013-02-15 10.11.29

Intermediate & Advanced soldering

Tips, tricks and technique! Weekend intensive workshop
Friday evening April 1st intro 6:30-8pm, noon to 5pm Saturday and Sunday April 2 & 3rd, 9th & 10th – pricing options below. 
-Working with silver solder coupons students will learn sweat soldering, joint soldering, pick soldering
and working with silver solder in wire form.
-Working with a little propane/oxy torch and a larger Hoke torch
– Constructing a hollow-form ring with stakes, hammers and bezel setting a large cab
To cover all of the various soldering techniques/grades students will construct a hollow-form
ring. Large oval or round cabochon stones will be set. Multiple stone settings are optional.
Each day runs 5 hours in length.
Students have the option of coming in to work on their project (lots of sawing!) during Open Studio on Tuesday and Thursday evening between the course.

Evening intro: Course goals/objectives are discussed, students look at soldering demos, inspiration. Start to layout patterns and designs for sawing.
1st Afternoon: Students layout their designs and start sawing them out. Once designs have been sawn out, sanded/filed, cleaned up- sweat soldering designs onto ring blanks begins.
2nd Afternoon: Continuing sweat soldering, forming of ring blanks begins, inner ring is formed. Joint soldering begins (wire solder introduced), students continue truing their rings, forming, and clean-up.
3rd Afternoon: Bezel ‘cups’ are constructed and soldered into place. Filing, sanding and rings are starting to be cleaned. If students are ready to set their stones- quick pendants can be made on this afternoon practising soldering techniques.
4th Afternoon: Rings are ready for patination and polishing, stones are set. Final polish! Early group dinner?

What’s included:
Titanium pick
Student’s need to supply (see pricing options below) :
3”x3” 16 or 18 gauge sheet (for hollow-rings)
silver solder 1/4 oz coupons & 1/2oz wire:
Large oval (within 40x25x6mm) or round (within 30mm), high-dome cabochon

For this workshop students have the option of bringing in their own supplies (listed above & mandatory!) or purchasing the course with a ‘kit’ that includes items listed. Please note that these materials will only be purchased when you purchase the ‘Full monty’ option.


No monty $185pp


Full monty $380pp