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Planéte Sauvage: Moving away from Human-centred work, beyond Anthropocene.

Hey there!
During DesignTO January 18-27, 2019 I will be exhibiting research and designs at co:Lab 906 Queen Street West for Planéte Sauvage: Moving away from Human-centred work, beyond Anthropocene. ‘La Planete Sauvage’ takes place in a speculative future construct where non-human-centered design flourishes. During the opening reception, Thursday, January 17th I will be holding a special intro/demo workshop.

Special: Sculpting with Mycelium & Intro to MIDI Bio-sonification: non-human collaboration (mycelium to midi and beyond!)  Thursday, January 17th 7:30pm start, $25/pp  Reserve your seat soon- space is limited!

Collaborate sonically with the non-human organisms around you.

This special workshop introduces people to the concept of thinking with, living with, and being with other planetary organisms in a world that does not forget how much ecological trouble it is in.[1]

Taking place during the opening reception of Planéte Sauvage: Moving away from Human-centred work, beyond Anthropocene.  ‘La Planete Sauvage’ takes place in a speculative future construct where non-human-centered art & design flourishes.

Registrants receive a sculpted form/bowl and a 5-10 minute* recording of their bio-data translated to MIDI. Workshop introduction begins at 7:30pm, Bio-Sonification recordings start at 8pm. Registrants receive a specified time slot between 8pm-9:15pm. Recordings will go live Saturday, January 19th in the Midnight Mushroom Music Podcast.

Sculpting Mycelium Workshops


(my·ce·li·um \mī-ˈsē-lē-əm\) the mass of interwoven filamentous hyphae that forms especially the vegetative portion of the thallus of a fungus and is often submerged in another body (as of soil or organic matter or the tissues of a host)  A.K.A. — mushroom roots

Tosca was recently interviewed by, Ecovative Designs. Check out her interview here, https://ecovativedesign.com/blog/178

Sculpting with Mycelium: working with environmentally friendly, renewable materials
Tuesday evening,  September 18th 7pm-9pm.

Bio-materials are grown over several days, participants meet up every 5th or 6th evening after the first start-up date to check on their Mycelium’s growth and/or sculpt or desiccate their forms! $60/pp includes:
1 round planter growth form
1 bag of Hemp substrate inoculated with Mycelium
Sculpting mix
Nitrile gloves
Particulate masks
Mycelium food
GIY instructions
1 Succulent to plant into their finished Mycelium planters!

Grow-It-Yourself Mushroom® Material is the perfect way to bring your Earth-friendly creations to life! Whether you have a product idea in mind, or just want to experiment with the material at home, GIY Mushroom® Material is meant for you! This workshop includes everything you need to grow a round (or square) planter, as well as hand-sculpt a small form! Evening 1 we start with an introduction and demonstrate how this growth material works, as well as discuss Mycelium; what it is, its benefits to us and our environment. Then everyone feeds their Mycelium and leaves them to rest in a safe, cozy dark place until the next workshop evening!
Evening 2: WOW look how you’ve grown! Your Mycelium has grown and consumed its substrate. Now we gently, yet firmly work with our Mycelium through sculpting with special media and/or using forms to grow our planters!
After forming/sculpting the Mycelium is again placed into a dark, cozy space where it can happily grow to fill or cover our structures!
Evening 3: Your planter/sculpture is ready for desiccation and use! Everyone unpacks their forms, weighs them and then we bake them until they weigh approximately 35% less then pre-desiccated weight. Participants also have the option to dry their forms at home. Once dried we plant our lovely succulents and marvel over nature!

Organic tea, coffee and snacks will be offered during workshop evenings.
This workshop takes place at our Queen Street West location!
906 Queen Street West at Crawford.