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February & March workshops at co:Lab & InterAccess

Bio-Data Touchpads @I/A

Tuesday, March 3rd 6PM-10PM
$95 for members of I/A
$125 for non-members, includes materials fee.


Tosca Teran will lead a workshop on how to build customized touchpads that can trigger sounds, samples, and sequencers, collect bio-data, be used with analog or digital synthesizers, and so much more. With this device, you can start listening to your BioData!

Create your own custom touchpads and you will be able to:
– Use with your analogue or digital synth
– Trigger sounds/samples
– Trigger sequences
– Control a robot
– Collect bio-data
– Use with Unity and more!

Participants will learn how to design and etch customized touchpads using their own hand-drawn and digitally created images. While designs are etching we will discuss and design the circuitry to be included on our touchpads! Participants will start with simple on/off touchpads and move into a multi-touch and slide-touch touchpad.

This workshop takes place at InterAccess.org

Mapping with Slime Mould • Sunday, March 22nd 1pm-4pm $50/pp

During this workshop, Tosca Terán introduces the potential of slime mould for collaboration at the intersection of art and science. Participants learn how to transform their kitchens and closets into safe, mini-Physarum Biolabs and leave the workshop with a feeding and growing kit, their own Slime mould, as well as a wide array of possibilities of slime mould (Physarum polycephalum*) culturing. The workshop invites participants to experiment with different biological media and feeding substrates, reflecting on how they inform the growth and morphology of protozoans and protists.

*Physarum polycephalum is a yellow ameboid dweller of decaying logs and decomposing vegetation on dim forest floors. It made headlines when Japanese biologists demonstrated its uncanny ability to optimize paths through mazes and reproduce tracks between mapped Tokyo railway stations. Since then, slime mould has become an attractive living substrate for research in diverse areas such as mathematical modelling, computation and bio-art.

This workshop takes place at co:Lab

Link: https://soundcloud.com/nanotopia/episode-3-special-guest-physarum-polycephalum