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Gleðileg jól, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & New Year from Iceland!

As some of you know I have been living/working in Iceland since early September 2016. Due back mid-January to reignite nanopod: Hybrid Studio!

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Takk Fyrir! Hope to see you in the New Year



Iceland or BUST!!

Dear friends, supporters and allies,

I have just launched my first KickStarter campaign!!
As many of you may already know my 2012 trip to Iceland provided a lot of inspiration that found its way into various artwork that I have been doing since then.

Rock growing over house, Iceland 2012
Rock growing over house, Iceland 2012

I have been awarded an artist residency at Gullkistan in Laugarvatn Iceland from April to May 2015. To make this experience as meaningful and productive as possible I am crowdsourcing funds to support this endeavour. Beyond my own work, I intend to leave some resources with the arts community in Iceland.
Your support at any level will help towards shipping art supplies from Canada to Iceland and back. Building a small, garbage can kiln on location, paying for kiln fuel and electricity expenditure. Vehicle rental and petrol necessary for field recordings beyond Laugarvatn.

Please note that the goal amount is significantly lower than the total costs associated with this project.

Thank you in advance for your time with this! I HUGELY appreciate it 🙂

One of my favourite places in the world- Jökulsárlón!

One of my favourite places in the world- Jökulsárlón!
Icelandic ephemera. Beach combing finds
Icelandic ephemera. Beach combing finds