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March/April> Special Afternoon workshops

March/April experiment: Running afternoon courses. Β 3 partipant minumun for workshops to run, however, class sizes are small in order to offer focussed attention. Please email the studio if you have any questions concerning these classes.

Metal working mash-up:

Etching copper/bronze & fabrication: Hand-drawn and/or digital images. Hand-sawn, formed, soldered copper and sterling silver.
Hydraulic press: creating simple dies towards building hollow-forms (salt & pepper shakers?, Lockets, unusual shadow-box pendants?
Electro-formed organic/non-organics: Grow copper over wax, wood, stone & more!
Married Metals: Creating patterns incorporating copper, brass and sterling silver that have the appearance of being one.
Dates: Monday & Wednesday, March 4th to March 27th, 1pm to 4pm $300/pp Includes: copper/bronze, etchants, etching expendables, die making materials, plating solutions and ingredients towards mixing your own conductive paints.Β 


Casting using the Lost Wax process & lo-tech methods:

Casting items from nature, casting stones in place. Working with different jeweler’s wax, burn-out casting, casting lab-grown and *natural stones with your wax models. Cleaning castings, setting stones after you’ve cast in metal.
Working with lo-tech casting methods & more! Included: Faceted Sapphire brioletes/tear-drops and techtites to choose from towards casting stones in place,Β 1.097 ounces (31.104g) of Sterling silver casting grain, sawblades, mould making investment, cuttlebone, wax, solder, polishing compounds.
Dates: Monday & Wednesday, April 1st to May 8th, 12:30pm to 4:40pm $500/ppΒ