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DIY Handmade Ring Band Workshops Toronto

Jp & Kirsten's engagement rings. Sterling silver
Jp & Kirsten’s engagement rings. Sterling silver

Ring band workshop
3hrs $85pp
6 student max per workshop/session
Next workshop dates are: Saturday, July 4th or July 18th
Commitment rings, engagement rings, friendship rings or a ring for yourself! This workshop will introduce students to simple goldsmithing skills of: sawing, filing, sanding, soldering, texturing, annealing, stamping, polishing, safety, and design. By the end of class you will have a beautiful, handmade Sterling silver ring! #DIY


Dinah & Stephanie's commitment rings. Sterling silver
Marcilyn & Zoe’s commitment rings. Sterling silver

Learn how to properly size your finger, calculate the length of metal necessary, add various textures using hammers, stamping tools, or add the texture of a leaf, fabric or paper. How to anneal Sterling silver, form, solder, and finishing techniques from hyper shiny bling to a brushed, matte finish. All materials included! {Sterling silver for 1, amazing ring band} NO experience necessary. Book a private workshop for a birthday party!

Birthday party ring band workshop!
Birthday party ring band workshop!

Register today with a friend!  Link takes you to our Square check-out page.

Have any questions concerning these workshops please feel free to email me!


Etching, Electro-forming, Enameling, Plating, Anodizing workshops in Toronto

studioimage1Etching- Electroforming- Enameling- Plating- Anodizing

Tuesday evenings starting July 14th
9 weeks, 1 evening per week
$430pp 3 student minimum, 6 student max. Deposit of half down required to hold space & secure materials*

This series of workshops covers various methods of adding image and color to metal.

Etching(& deep etching): apply images to copper & Sterling silver

Using pens & computer printed imagery participants etch metals with ferric solutions and salts to nitric baths. Create contrast with Liver of Sulphur.

Deep etch copper and inlay with silver. Participants will deep etch copper pieces and fill the impressions with silver, through sanding/filing create a uniform surface.

Electroforming: grow copper onto organic forms. Gradually grow copper over natural forms, wax and glass, that can then be plated with gold or silver solutions or enamel these copper forms with vitreous enamel (glass powders).

Plating: brush plating and pen plating are covered. Participants plate their electro-formed objects.

Anodizing: working with Titanium and/or Niobium participants learn how to apply color to metal using electricity. Anodized work can be stitched, riveted or linked to copper/sterling silver.

No experience necessary!

ALL materials included: Copper & Sterling for etching, etching/plating solutions, wax for sculpting items to be electro-formed, Titanium kit for anodizing, etching resists.

Students supply organic materials for electro-forming: acorns, pods, leafs, glass beads, etc.

*deposits are non-refundable, but can be credited towards another course or workshop (please see FAQs) btn_buynowCC_BLK




[shown from left to right: vitreous enamel on copper/bezel set, cuttlebone cast ring. Bottom: Fused glass powders, Sterling ring bands]
[shown from left to right: vitreous enamel on copper/bezel set, cuttlebone cast ring. Bottom: Fused glass powders, Sterling ring bands]

10am to 2pm Monday thru Friday
June 15th to June 26th
July 27th to August 7th
$575 includes all materials, selection of stones and fossils for setting, wax, saw blades, glass, and more!

6 student max, 3 student minimum to run. Ages 13 on up are welcome! Deposit of half down required to hold space. remaining amount due the 1st day of camp.

This ‘camp’ covers many aspects of metal-smithing and working with cast glass objects. Participants receive copper for FOLD forming, sawing/fabrication, enamel on copper, riveting (Sterling silver will be available for purchase towards more elaborate projects, though not mandatory) Cuttlefish bone ring band casting, lost wax casting of glass, learn how to cold connect and simple prong/tab settings for your glass castings or pick from our fossil collection and turn that into a pendant! Participants leave with a new set of skills, and a minimum of 5 to 6 pieces created by hand. No experience necessary!

Register today!
June Metal + Glass Camp




July/August Metal + Glass Camp

DIY Handmade Workshop Holiday Gift Guide @nanopodstudio in Toronto


(psst, these workshops make incredible OOAK gifts!!)

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 5.22.06 PMResin casting, mould-making workshops with Nick Sianchuk
Sculpt, mould and create your own plastic figurines, wearable art, and more!

Saturday, January 17th 2015 10am to 6pm, $185pp

Learn the secrets of plastic casting using silicone/flexible moulds. You’ll make Open Face (1 part) and 2 part molds and use them to create plastic reproductions. The instructor will help you select objects that can be molded, and how to complete the moulding and casting process. Personal projects are welcome, but there will be a limit to project size.



All materials included; silicone mould material, polyurethane plastic, clay, mixing containers, tints and dyes, nitrile gloves will be available for use. Participants will create at least 3 pieces

Everyone needs to bring in their own half-face respirators for use when pouring/mixing polyurethane.



Casual Taxidermy; The Art of Skinning a Rat

a lesson in amateur taxidermy with Canada’s, Teta Kika!

Join us for an 8-hour intensive hands-on lesson, in which you will transform a deceased rat into a unique and enduring art object.

Workshop dates to choose from, $200pp 10am-6pm  Please email to reserve your space today!
APRIL 18, 2015 
APRIL 19, 2015 
JULY 11, 2015 
JULY 12, 2015 
OCTOBER 10, 2015
OCTOBER 11, 2015

Reserve your seat today! This link takes you to Teta Kika’s web page where you can choose your date and sign up!


What will I learn?

You will be guided through the steps of skinning, stuffing, posing, and pinning your specimen, all the way through to adding costumes and accessories to the final piece. At the end of the day, you will come away with a figure that is set to begin its curing process.

What do I get?
Each participant will be provided with a student kit that includes:

Nitrile gloves
a rat specimen
bead eyes
stitching materials
and all supplies and the knowledge required to create a finished taxidermic rat.

What should I bring?
No special equipment or supplies are required of participants, but you may want to bring an apron. Although the process is less messy than you might think, it’s advisable to wear closed-toed shoes and clothing you won’t mind getting a bit dirty.

Though we will provide some supplies for posing (fabrics and basic hand-sewing supplies), you may want to bring props and accessories for your finished product. Note: an adult rat is about the size of a Barbie doll, but with a more realistic waistline. Keep this in mind when choosing furniture or props for your piece.

Oh, and bring a box large enough to transport your finished piece. 🙂

The Day’s Schedule:
10AM – 2PM: Skinning and stuffing
Basic hide skinning techniques as related to rats.
During this time, we will go through code of ethics, process of sourcing, preparing, skinning, stuffing and stitching up your new rat.

2PM – 3PM: Lunch Break
Class is located between Bloor & College with plenty of food offerings!

3PM – 6PM Posing, Pinning and Final Touches
We will go through positioning and pinning, drying times and proper care of your new rat. You will have some time to work on your finishing touches.
Reserve your seat today! This link takes you to Teta Kika’s web page where you can choose your date and sign up!




Divya Anantharaman is coming to nanopod: Hybrid Studio Spring 2015

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 1.13.59 PM

12pm to 6pm, $300pp
This class is an introduction to the finer details of bird taxidermy, good for both beginners, and those with previous experience! Students will learn everything they need to know to create their very own finished piece of bird taxidermy using a quail or fancy pigeon. This class covers everything from start (raw specimen) to finish (preserved piece) and equips students with the knowledge they need to create their own pieces in the future. Ticket price includes all tools and materials for use in class, including a selection of props, accessories, and bases. Students can choose an anthropomorphic or naturalistic mount. All animals are ethically sourced- nothing was killed for this class. Animals used in this class are all legally obtained discards from the feeder/pet food industry, naturally deceased, or discards from the food service industry.

For further information, and to purchase your tickets please, visit: http://quail.splashthat.com

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 7.29.10 PM



April 12, 2015, 12pm – 6pm $250pp
Perfect for beginners, experts, or anyone in between, this class will provide students with materials and instruction to create a totally unique piece of wearable taxidermy! The class will be presented in conjunction with a short review of wearable taxidermy-from prehistoric speculation and shrunken heads, to turn of the century and Victorian fashion, and the modern role of ethics as it relates to animal products in art and fashion. All animals are ethically sourced- nothing was killed for this class. Animals used in this class are all legally obtained discards from the feeder/pet food industry, naturally deceased, or discards from the food service industry.

Using these sources of inspiration, combining historical and modern techniques, students will then design their piece-jewelry, fascinator, or other wearable item. The creations will come alive using the guidance, tips, tricks, and techniques advised by Divya, Morbid Anatomy taxidermist in residence whose wearable taxidermy designs have been featured in NY Mag’s “The Cut” and T Magazines “Top 10 of NY Fashion Week” list. Her past life as a commercial footwear and accessory designer lives on in her passion for wearable art!

In addition to a number of ethically obtained wings, feathers, and pelts, a selection of jewelry findings and hardware will be provided, along with beads, crystals, ribbons, and other decorative flourishes. Although most animal parts provided will be readily preserved and ready for use and manipulation, students will also have the option of cleaning, preparing, and preserving some parts if desired. Students are also welcome to bring their own special findings or fabrics for use in class (please do not bring your own raw or dead animals to class). A great place to let your creativity truly run wild!

For further information, and to purchase your tickets please, visit: http://wearablebirds.splashthat.com

Fall into Winter courses & workshops

Special Halloween, Day of the Dead inspired workshops @nanopod Studio

November 4th or 11th (Remembrance Day) – Celebrate Dia de los Muertos and create a Day of the Dead glass “sugar” skull! This workshop is a great introduction to pâte de verre, which uses granules of glass to create sculptural forms.
Students are provided with a plaster silica skull mold and pâte de verre methods and design options are demonstrated.

Each student personalizes their ‘sugar’ skull using colourful glass powders and fill their molds with a glass frit paste. Student pieces will then be kiln-dried and back-filled prior to a final firing.

Pieces will be fired after the workshop and available for pick-up a few days later. Turn your glass sugar skull into a light (discussion and demo in class). Your glass sugar skull will last forever with proper care.

Tuesday evening workshops run: 6:30-9:30pm  $110 pp, ALL materials included. 12 student max. Ages: 12 to adult welcome!
Oct 22

There’s 1 space available in the JUST METAL course starting up October 29th. Lost wax casting in Sterling silver and Bronze! More info found under FALL Courses & Workshops

Sunday, November 9th @ 10am – Victorian-style Mouse OR XS Rabbit Dioramas
2 special taxidermy workshops!









Gift certificates are back! It’s that time of year again and nanopod studio has the gift certificate that keeps on giving! 🙂

Gift certificates make great gifts, stocking stuffers and New Year resolutions!
Purchase a Ring Band workshop for $85, a full Metal + Glass course for $280, or customize your Gift with extra add-ons, maybe you’re looking to just purchase the gift of Studio Time? Your friends, family and loved ones aspiring to design and create their own jewelry, work with metal, work with glass- will thank you (maybe with an awesome handmade piece!).

Thanks for stopping by! If you are interested in other workshops and courses please look under the links in the menu above. 🙂

metal + glass camp, Toronto

July is generally a month where people go away to their cottages, travel abroad, or just seem to take time off from hard labour 😉 why not take this time to learn new skills?! DIY, Handmade!

Metal + Glass Camp! runs Wednesday thru Friday afternoons starting July 16th-August 1st
11am-5pm and includes the 8 week course offerings, the Metal 2 offerings as well as the studio’s Fusing workshop and Glass casting course offerings. WOW!

Learn basic golds-mithing skills such as: sawing/piercing, forming/fold-forming, hand forging a ring band, bezel-setting stones, lo-tech casting, carving wax & working with alginate moulds for lost wax casting glass & metal, flame-working glass, cold-working glass, working with vitreous enamels, etching copper/sterling silver, fusing/slumping glass, and more! Materials fee includes: a 3″x 3″ piece of 16 gauge Sterling silver plate, 16 gauge 12″x 6″ copper, Sterling silver casting grain, 1 gross of 3/0, 1/0, & 1 doz spiral saw blades, Silver solder, flux, wax and expendables necessary for etching, casting and glass for fusing.  Use of tools and equipment.  Beginners welcome!  This course is open to ages 14 on up

$550 +$180 lab fee ($275 is required as deposit towards the Metal + Glass camp, lab fee and remainder is due on the first day of class)

Interested in registering? Please fill out the form on this page with any questions you might have concerning the metal + glass camp, or Register online via Paypal, or at the studio with cash, Visa or Mastercard!





metal and glass

Metal-smithing Gold-smithing DIY Handmade in Toronto

Sterling silver cuff with bezel-set quartz
Sterling silver cuff with bezel-set quartz

Work with your hands- Build your own gifts- Design your own line of jewelry

The next 8 week course starts up Wednesday, May 14th

register by Monday, May 12th (midnight) and receive 10% off the final course for Spring!

Learn basic Metal-smithing • Gold-smithing + Flame-working

6:30-9:30pm, 8 weeks, 1 evening per week Wednesday evenings

$275 per person, 6 people max, 3 people min. $100 deposit necessary to hold space.

evening #1: First evening: working with copper-safety, drilling, sawing, fold-forming.

evening #2: Making a band ring out of silver (stamp, hammer finish, roller print, etc.)

evening #3: working with wax create pieces w/the lost wax technique- to be cast in Sterling, Bronze or Gold.

evening #4: Finishing wax projects, cleaning up castings> cuttlebone casting (finish up models)

evening #5: Enamelling copper projects, forming, how to make your own findings.

evening #6: Flameworking- intro to mandrel wound molten glass

evening #7: bezel settings and/or tube settings, alternative settings for found objects, clean-up castings

evening #8: finish up projects

No experience necessary! Copper, wax, glass, and some sterling silver are supplied. A list of local suppliers is included. Questions concerning this course? Please see our FAQ’s check out some past student work!

Wednesday, May 14th:



Hand sawn copper brooch, formed and fused with vitreous enamel
Hand sawn copper brooch, formed and fused with vitreous enamel
Bezel-set rock, sterling silver
Bezel-set rock, sterling silver
Sterling silver hand-fabricated ring with bezel-set Dendritic agate
Sterling silver hand-fabricated ring with bezel-set Dendritic agate













Next Monday evening course starts up July 14th: