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Late Summer & early Fall Metal + Glass dates are up!

Learn how to form, fabricate, solder, set-stones in our
4 wk Metal + Glass course, etch, cast and more!

Metal + Glass 4-week course Starts up August 13th or September 10th • 8 evenings. Monday & Wednesday 6:30-9:30pm $285/pp (*after registering please email over your start date)

evening #1: First evening: working with copper: safety, drilling, sawing. Adding textures.evening #2: Making a ring band out of silver (stamp, hammer finish, roller print, etc.)

evening #3: Working with wax create pieces w/the lost wax technique- to be cast in Sterling silver or bronze.

evening #4: Finishing wax projects, invest models for casting in Glass and Metal (separately) Waxes for metal casting are weighed and calculated (sterling runs $2.50/grm unless lab fee has been purchased).

evening #5: Cast moulds in sterling silver or bronze! Remove glass pieces from moulds.

evening #6: Enameling copper projects, forming, how to make your own basic findings.

evening #7: Bezel settings cabochon stones or fossils or crystals, or an enamelled or Fused glass piece.

evening #8: Finish up projects

No experience necessary!

Copper, wax, glass, and some sterling silver are supplied*.  A list of local suppliers is included.   Questions concerning this course? Please see our FAQ’s

What’s included:
Approx 4×5” piece of copper sheet, 2’ copper wire, sterling silver for 1 ring band, fine silver bezel wire to set 1 cabochon cut stone. Glass is included for casting/flame-working (whatever method is covered), silver solder to complete class projects, wax, bronze/brass for lost wax casting (20grams) & powdered vitreous enamel, 1 doz saw blades, 1 1mm drill bit, 1 half face particulate respirator, nitrile gloves, refractory materials for casting moulds.  Students are encouraged to supply their own cabochon cut stones, crystals, rocks, etc.

Additional materials not included: cabochon cut stone(s), sterling silver grain for lost wax castings, sterling silver sheet/plate for setting stones on/constructing other pieces.  Sterling silver casting grain may be purchased at $2.50gram.

The lab fees offer tools and materials for students to continue projects at home and start setting-up their own studio. Lab fee 2 (kit) Option 2 Please see below class descriptions for what is included in this option.
Lab fee 1 $125.00 (optional) what it includes:
adjustable jeweller’s bench pin, jeweller’s saw frame, 1 gross (144) jeweller’s saw blade assortment, 15 grams of sterling silver casting grain, 1 3×3” sterling silver plate
Lab fee 1



Metal + Glass Lab Fee 2: $357.00  

Lab fee 2

Set contains:
  • Jeweller’s Saw
  • Third Hand
  • Half Round Medium Cut File
  • Burnisher
  • 1 dozen Cut 0 Saw Blades
  • 1 gross (144) Saw blade assortment
  • AA Fine Tweezers
  • Shears
  • 1 set half-round Sanding Sticks
  • Ring Mandrel
  • Butane Torch
  • Dividers 4
  • Ring Clamp
  • Polishing Cloth
  • Needle File Handle
  • Locking Tweezers
  • Pin Vise
  • Soldering Board
  • Ball Pein Hammer
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Scribe
  • Wood Dapping Block & Punches
  • Sidecutters 5
  • Silver Solder
  • 3×3” sterling silver plate
  • 15 grams of sterling silver casting grain
  • 12″x12″ sheet of 24 Gauge Copper
  • 6pc File Set
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Bench Knife
All items come with a plastic tool box.

Early Fall end of Summer workshops at nanopod studio!

ringRing band, Bezel & Prong setting classes

Available dates/times:
Tuesday, August 30th 6:30-9:30/10pm & Thursday, Sept 1st 6:30-9:30/10pm  or
Saturday, Sept 3rd afternoon intensive 12pm-6pm
or Winter classes:
Saturday, January 28th afternoon intensive 12pm-6pm
Saturday, February 4th afternoon intensive 12pm-6pm
$285 per person

Please ad date choice in note
Please add date choice in note




Workshop includes:
fine silver bezel wire
wire for prong-like settings, bails
saw blades
3”x3” 18ga sterling silver sheet

Students supply their own cabochon cut stones, crystals, rocks, etc.

Learn how to measure, fabricate and form ring bands, bezel/prong set cabochon stones, saw, and solder. Texture your metal designs using hammers, stamping tools, roller print (using lace, paper cut-outs, leaf skeletons, hole punched paper, etc), annealing and work hardening your metal. Students leave with beautiful, handmade creations and the knowledge/skills to build more work!

Resource list of suppliers is included. Reserve your seat(s) soon! bezel settings

Register with 3 or more friends and receive 10% off (each seat).


Fall into Winter courses & workshops

Special Halloween, Day of the Dead inspired workshops @nanopod Studio

November 4th or 11th (Remembrance Day) – Celebrate Dia de los Muertos and create a Day of the Dead glass “sugar” skull! This workshop is a great introduction to pâte de verre, which uses granules of glass to create sculptural forms.
Students are provided with a plaster silica skull mold and pâte de verre methods and design options are demonstrated.

Each student personalizes their ‘sugar’ skull using colourful glass powders and fill their molds with a glass frit paste. Student pieces will then be kiln-dried and back-filled prior to a final firing.

Pieces will be fired after the workshop and available for pick-up a few days later. Turn your glass sugar skull into a light (discussion and demo in class). Your glass sugar skull will last forever with proper care.

Tuesday evening workshops run: 6:30-9:30pm  $110 pp, ALL materials included. 12 student max. Ages: 12 to adult welcome!
Oct 22

There’s 1 space available in the JUST METAL course starting up October 29th. Lost wax casting in Sterling silver and Bronze! More info found under FALL Courses & Workshops

Sunday, November 9th @ 10am – Victorian-style Mouse OR XS Rabbit Dioramas
2 special taxidermy workshops!









Gift certificates are back! It’s that time of year again and nanopod studio has the gift certificate that keeps on giving! 🙂

Gift certificates make great gifts, stocking stuffers and New Year resolutions!
Purchase a Ring Band workshop for $85, a full Metal + Glass course for $280, or customize your Gift with extra add-ons, maybe you’re looking to just purchase the gift of Studio Time? Your friends, family and loved ones aspiring to design and create their own jewelry, work with metal, work with glass- will thank you (maybe with an awesome handmade piece!).

Thanks for stopping by! If you are interested in other workshops and courses please look under the links in the menu above. 🙂

Fall metal + glass courses in Toronto

nanopod: Hybrid Studio has been offering workshops and courses in Toronto since 2003.
Looking to work with metal, and/or create beautiful sculptural pieces in glass? Or perhaps you want to up your game?
nanopod: Hybrid Studio offers workshops and courses in working with metal and glass. Kiln and torch-fired enamel, lost wax casting in bronze, Sterling silver and gold, or even lost wax casting glass! Fusing workshops, and ring band workshops.

8 week Metal + Glass (Next course starts up Monday, September 22nd) 

Form • Fabricate • Cast • Fuse

Learn basic Goldsmithing + Lost wax glass casting 

6:30-9:30pm, 8 weeks, 1 evening per week Monday evenings
$280 per person, 6 people max, 3 people min. $100 deposit necessary to hold space.
evening #1: First evening: working with copper-safety, drilling, sawing, fold-forming.
evening #2: Making a band ring out of silver (stamp, hammer finish, roller print, etc.)
evening #3: working with wax create pieces w/the lost wax technique- to be cast in Sterling, Brass or Gold.
evening #4: Finishing wax projects, cleaning up castings> cuttlebone casting (finish up models)
evening #5: NEW: Glass Casting- basic/simple mould making and casting a glass object to use in your jewelry!
evening #6: bezel settings and tab setting for cabochon stones and your glass work. Clean-up glass & metal castings
evening #7: Enameling copper projects, forming, how to make your own findings.
evening #8: finish up projects No experience necessary! 
Copper, wax, glass, and some sterling silver are supplied. A list of local suppliers is included.
Questions concerning this course? Please see our FAQ’s check out some past student work!register

Please click on the link in the menu above to see more of our class offerings!

New workshop dates for Ring Band workshops, Glass Casting, and more!

Happy July!
Ok. So I’ve returned from traveling throughout the States! Seattle to San Francisco to Taos, and Santa Fe, New Mexico! Check out where I went and what I visited while away, here.
The studio is undergoing some major shifts and changes as I prepare for the Fall and (possibly) a new venture. Not to worry! The studio will still hold workshops, courses and Open Studio time, however, some of these workshops will be scaled back, and only scheduled when enough interest is gathered. That said, here is the current schedule for Ring Band workshops and Ars Vitraria (glass casting) workshops for July and August. If these dates don’t work for you please, contact me to have your name added to my Fall/Winter workshop list.

Sterling silver ring bands

Ring band workshop 11am – 2pm $85pp 6 student max per workshop/session Next workshop is Saturday, July 26th  or Thursday evening, July 24th This is perfect for newly engaged folks. Take the class together and learn to make your own custom wedding bands! In this class you’ll be introduced to simple goldsmithing skills of sawing, filing, sanding, soldering, texturing, annealing, stamping, polishing, safety, and design. By the end of class you will have a beautiful handmade Sterling silver ring! Learn how to properly size your finger, calculate the length of metal necessary, add texture to metal using different hammers, stamping tools, or add the texture of a leaf, feather or paper. How to anneal Sterling silver, form, solder, and finishing techniques from hyper shiny bling to a brushed, matte finish. All materials included! {Sterling silver for 1 ring band} NO experience necessary.

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lost wax cast chilli peppers in glass
lost wax cast shells, corals, and spirals in glass

Ars Vitraria Experimentalis : Glass casting workshop
August, 22nd start/intro 6:30-9:30pm then Saturday 23, 30 and Sunday 24, 31 10am to 5pm, and Thursday afternoon or evening September 4th (time to be arranged with students).

5 Student max., 3 student min. $500pp Deposit of $200 to hold space.

Glass casting workshop (small to medium scale)
Learn various methods for casting glass. From paper thin to thicker, lost wax models, metal inclusions, and more.

Students will learn how to make moulds from existing objects using Alginate, as well as model new ones from clay and wax. Hand built moulds and box moulds will be made with various refractory materials.

Students will learn different firing and annealing schedules for casting glass. And simple cold-working without expensive equipment! No experience necessary!
All materials are included. Students are required to bring in their own half-face respirator with particulate filters. Aprons are available for use at the studio, as are all tools and equipment necessary for sculpting, firing and cold working glass, however, students are welcome to bring in their own tools, etc., just make sure your items are marked.

To register for a class the studio requires a non-refundable deposit of $100 for the Metal + Glass course, $250 for Metal 2, $200 for Glass Casting to hold your spot.
This money purchases materials & expendables for the course. For further information concerning the studio’s policies please read our FAQs.

2 week cancellation notice: Full credit of deposit towards another course
1 week cancellation notice: 50% (or half of the deposit made) towards another course
Last minute or same day cancellation notice: No refund. A credit is possible if the studio receives the remaining course fee the day of cancellation. For instance: metal + glass: $100 deposit, $175 remaining. Ars Vitraria: $200 deposit, $300 remaining