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Sculpt molten glass

glass cabsGlass cabochons, bezel settings & fold forming, heat rivet connections & simple hollow forms. 4 evenings starting Tuesday June 7th-28th (runs Tuesday evenings 6:30-10pm), $280pp Deposit of half required to hold seat. Seating is limited-register soon!
Students form molten glass into cabochon forms for bezel and tab settings.
1st evening: Working with hard glass students learn how to form, add inclusions, powders, and foils to create cabochon forms. Annealing schedules are discussed, learning heat control and manipulating molten glass.
2nd evening: Students remove their glass ‘cabs’ from the annealing kiln, inspect them, cold-work if necessary and start to design and solder their bezel settings. Fold forming, heat rivets (or pinning) is demonstrated, and hollow-form construction. Students start to build their pieces.
3rd evening: Thick wire tab setting is demonstrated. Students continue building their work.
4th evening: Students finish up their projects.

What’s included: Copper, brass, solder, all glass and copper metal foil.
Students are encouraged to bring in their own fine silver foil, bezel wire and sterling silver sheet, but this is not mandatory.

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