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Metal + Glass February 4 week course & the zombie apocalypse

Metal-smithing use to be considered a trade. More than constructing luxe, designer jewellery working with metal; sawing, piercing, forming, soldering, carving, teaches skills to build shit that could save your life- in the event the zombie apocalypse actually happens. Clasps, knives, buckles, swords, chains, containers, armour. Fix things. Use hammers. Know how to use a torch a join two pieces of metal.

For real, I am not joking here.

Also, GLASS. Vitreous enamel coats metal. Take your bathtub. Or a Butcher’s tray- vitreous enamel fused onto metal. Often steel. In my course you use copper and/or silver. Lost wax casting into metal or glass. Rivets- rivets are used to generally hold materials together that cannot take heat (metal and plexiglas, for instance). They can of course be decorative, too.

So, if the world turns Mad Max or into a messed up version of Rick Grimes and the Saviours- you can be prepared to upcycle metal and/or glass into usable, functional items. Save the world.

METAL + GLASS 4wk:  Monday & Wednesday evenings – Learn basic Goldsmithing.  6:30-9:30pm Monday, February 5th $285pp (deposit of $142.50 to reserve seat)



evening #1: First evening: working with copper: safety, drilling, sawing. Adding textures.

evening #2: Making a band ring out of silver (stamp, hammer finish, roller print, etc.)

evening #3: Working with wax create pieces w/the lost wax technique- to be cast in Sterling silver or bronze.

evening #4: Finishing wax projects, invest models for casting in Glass and Metal (separately) Waxes for metal casting are weighed and calculated (sterling runs $2.50/grm unless lab fee has been purchased).

evening #5: Cast moulds in sterling silver or bronze! Remove glass pieces from moulds.

evening #6: Enameling copper projects, forming, how to make your own basic findings.

evening #7: Bezel settings cabochon stones or fossils or crystals, or an enamelled or Fused glass piece.

evening #8: Finish up projects

No experience necessary!  More details in the Metal Workshops section. 

Metal + Glass course dates (Monday + Wednesday evenings):

February 5th-28th-