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La Planète Sauvage: Beyond Anthropocene. Harmonize Chthulucene. De-emphasizing human exceptionalism in favor of multispecism.

Come say Hello this Thursday evening! 😀

La Planete Sauvage
co:Lab 906 Queen West @Crawford 
January 18-27th 
Opening Reception, Thursday January 17th 7pm-10pm
During the opening reception a special Introductory demonstration of Sculpting w/Mycelium & Bio-Sonification collaborating with non-human is taking place $25/pp advance register required if interested in having your Bio-data recorded and receiving a mycelium grown bowl. https://nanopod.tv/bio-sci-art-workshops/

Come celebrate with us! And meet the Artists/Makers:

Trinley Dorje: Microcosm of The Earth Series.
Microcosms of the Earth is a bioart related series which displays cardiomyocytes (cardiac muscle cells) in a colourful and topographical nature. Each artwork is a unique depiction of Earth. The cardiomyocytes are distorted and blurred to give a surreal appearance to the artwork which represents the ever-shifting and changing tectonic plates and the effects climate change has on the environment.

Maggy Middleton: The Vexed Muddler.
By day a molecular biologist who studies bacterial evolution in the context of pathogenesis. By night they create digital and sculptural art and jewellery exploring microbiology, anatomy, physics, and other scientific realms. As the Vexed Muddler, their primary interest is in creating conversation pieces that surprise and delight, provoking curiosity and exploration. 

Riko Okuna: Riot Works.
Simple design and carefully handcrafted pieces with beautiful weirdness. Metal + Wood.

Tosca Teran: Mycelial experimentations & bio-sonification.
Mycelium forms sculpted by hand and using 3D printed bio-filament.
Exploring acoustics, wearable insulating factors, and bio-remediation that incorporates bio-sonification.

Planéte Sauvage: Moving away from Human-centred work, beyond Anthropocene.

Hey there!
During DesignTO January 18-27, 2019 I will be exhibiting research and designs at co:Lab 906 Queen Street West for Planéte Sauvage: Moving away from Human-centred work, beyond Anthropocene. ‘La Planete Sauvage’ takes place in a speculative future construct where non-human-centered design flourishes. During the opening reception, Thursday, January 17th I will be holding a special intro/demo workshop.

Special: Sculpting with Mycelium & Intro to MIDI Bio-sonification: non-human collaboration (mycelium to midi and beyond!)  Thursday, January 17th 7:30pm start, $25/pp  Reserve your seat soon- space is limited!

Collaborate sonically with the non-human organisms around you.

This special workshop introduces people to the concept of thinking with, living with, and being with other planetary organisms in a world that does not forget how much ecological trouble it is in.[1]

Taking place during the opening reception of Planéte Sauvage: Moving away from Human-centred work, beyond Anthropocene.  ‘La Planete Sauvage’ takes place in a speculative future construct where non-human-centered art & design flourishes.

Registrants receive a sculpted form/bowl and a 5-10 minute* recording of their bio-data translated to MIDI. Workshop introduction begins at 7:30pm, Bio-Sonification recordings start at 8pm. Registrants receive a specified time slot between 8pm-9:15pm. Recordings will go live Saturday, January 19th in the Midnight Mushroom Music Podcast.