Jackalope Skeleton Articulation Workshops

Jackalope Skeleton Articulation Workshop!  Saturday, October 7th, 12pm start. $325pp  Reserve your seat with $162.50  

In this class, students will learn how to create an osteological
preparation of a cryptozoological specimen in the fashion of 19th century displays.
A cleaned jackrabbit skeleton, branches, glue, tools, and all necessary materials will be provided for each student, but one should feel welcome to bring small feathers, stones, dried flowers, tiny crowns, medieval weaponry or any other materials s/he might wish to include in his/her composition. Students will leave the class with a visually striking, fully articulated, “lifelike” Jackalope skeleton posed on a wooden trophy mount.
The class will focus on teaching ancient methods of specimen preparation that link science with art: students will create compositions involving natural elements and, according to their taste, will compose a traditional Victorian environment or a modern display.