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Bio-Material workshops online

Multi-species entanglements: Forming with Mycelium • working with environmentally friendly, renewable materials  online and it is PWYC!  (scroll down for ticket link)

During this workshop, Tosca Terán introduces participants to the amazing potential of mycelium for collaboration at the intersection of art, science and technology.

Participants learn how to transform their kitchens and closets into safe, mini-Mycelium Biolabs, learn how to cultivate mycelium, and leave the workshop with a live Mycelium planter/bowl form*, as well as a wide array of possibilities of how they might work with this sustainable bio-material.

Mycelium can be used in industrial design, art, architecture – the possibilities are seemingly endless! Check out the Mycelium Martian Dome project, an installation that took place in 2019 through a residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto in partnership with the Ontario Science Centre. NASA Ames Research Centre will cite this artist’s vision/public installation in Phase II in their research towards fungi based building/insulating materials.

Mycelium= the mass of interwoven filamentous hyphae that forms especially the vegetative portion of the thallus of a fungus and is often submerged in another body (as of soil or organic matter or the tissues of a host) aka mushroom roots

*How the online workshops roll:

Registrants receive a link to a private online video of the Mycelium Bio-Materials workshop. This workshop will cover every aspect discussed during the physical workshops. After 1.5 weeks of receiving the video link everyone registered will receive a Zoom invite for live Q&A with date/time suggestions.
  • Who/What/Where and How I started working with non-human/fungi
  • Slide show- I feel the online version might be more fun than the physical, in-person version!
  • Links to recommended videos covering what other artists, engineers, architects are creating with mycelium/mushrooms
  • resources both local and abroad
  • How-to cultivate mycelium from substrates to fruiting bodies
  • Recommended reading
  • Sculpting with mycelium, using forms and free forming it
  • Desiccation or not
  • Basic kitchen/studio “lab” set-up, creating your clean lab space.
  • PDF files and more!
Meanwhile, If you are interested in Midnight Mushroom Music– where I bio-sonify living mycelium
there is another live stream coming up April 25thhttps://youtu.be/4p5PrgDvJp8
travelling without moving into the mycelium network!
Thank you for your support during this time! Independent, artist-run businesses truly appreciate your support XO
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