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DIY workshops Toronto

Creeps. Sculpy model that will be cast in Urethane.
Creeps. Sculpy model that will be cast in Urethane. Mould materials used can accept hot melted chocolate or pewter!

Register today and receive 25% off Saturday, January 17th’s workshop!
Participants learn to work with platinum silicone. Added plus, these moulds can be used with melted chocolate and to cast pewter!
Participants receive their own kit of platinum silicone and urethane, half-face respirator, nitrile gloves, and sculpting medium.
10am to 5pm with hour break for lunch $185pp (take 25% off!) includes ALL materials!
Participants make Open Face (1 part) and 2 part molds and use them to create plastic reproductions, or cast chocolate or pewter! The instructor will help you select objects that can be molded, sculpt during class, or work with organic, ready-made sculptures, etc. Once moulds are set pieces are then cast, de-moulded, and finished. Personal projects welcome!

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Register NOW! 🙂