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Open Studio Time + Studio Rental

Please note that Open Studio time, studio rental, etc., has been updated to reflect rent increases.
The studio will be closed Feb and April/May 2015. That said, I am currently looking for interested parties/people to keep the studio open/available for OS time while I am away 🙂
The studio is also available to rent during this time.

Open Studio time at nanopod: Hybrid Studio

Work with metal + glass

5 spaces for working on your jewelry related projects using metal, beads, stones, etc.
1 table with rolling mill, anvils, , bench shear, stamps, vice. This table is used for forming.
Separate soldering/buffing-polishing area.

4 kilns for fusing, casting glass projects


Open Studio time is booked by individual appointment. OS Bench hours are generally held on Thursday afternoon/evenings; noon – 10pm by booked appt.
January 2015 Open Studio hours are booked by appointment.
February 2015 the studio will be closed.
March OS hours may be booked in advance.
April-May 2015 the studio will be closed.

Interested in holding a private workshop, exhibit, pop-up at nanopod: Hybrid Studio? Studio receives 25% of ticket/class sales, with a minimum of 70/100% class capacity. Exhibits/pop-up’s, please email to discuss details.

Private workshop access includes table and chairs for up to 12 participants

(Vendor brings in own materials/equipment).

Full studio rental time with kiln access, soldering equipment, metal working equipment requires an extra deposit.
Please email the studio for further details.

$15 per hour / 1 hour minimum [does not include instruction or materials/expendables]

[shown from left to right: vitreous enamel on copper/bezel set, cuttlebone cast ring. Bottom: Fused glass powders, Sterling ring bands]
[shown from left to right: vitreous enamel on copper/bezel set, cuttlebone cast ring. Bottom: Fused glass powders, Sterling ring bands]

DIY workshops Toronto

Creeps. Sculpy model that will be cast in Urethane.
Creeps. Sculpy model that will be cast in Urethane. Mould materials used can accept hot melted chocolate or pewter!

Register today and receive 25% off Saturday, January 17th’s workshop!
Participants learn to work with platinum silicone. Added plus, these moulds can be used with melted chocolate and to cast pewter!
Participants receive their own kit of platinum silicone and urethane, half-face respirator, nitrile gloves, and sculpting medium.
10am to 5pm with hour break for lunch $185pp (take 25% off!) includes ALL materials!
Participants make Open Face (1 part) and 2 part molds and use them to create plastic reproductions, or cast chocolate or pewter! The instructor will help you select objects that can be molded, sculpt during class, or work with organic, ready-made sculptures, etc. Once moulds are set pieces are then cast, de-moulded, and finished. Personal projects welcome!

Discount applied at checkout.

Register NOW! 🙂



Dear nano-peeps

Due to an amazing turn of events the last 8 week metal + glass course will run starting Monday April 28th (March courses have almost filled) Studio courses will resume in the Fall TBA.

Open Studio will continue and run Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons throughout the year, by booked appointment only.
If you’re interested in purchasing Open Studio time or using what you have please, email me with your interests, questions, etc.

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