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Bio-data Module building workshop

Holiday gift-giving!

Collaborate sonically with the non-human organisms around you.
Workshop participants receive step by step guidance putting together their Modules and help in understanding how the device works. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of soldering is very important. Here is a link to the Mighty Ohm’s, fullsoldercomic_en

“Bio-sonification,” basically means using technology to turn the bio-rhythms of living organisms into sound.
Biodata Sonification is a process to translate complex real-time sensor data into musical notes and controls, exploring auditory sensory modality to provide insights into invisible phenomenon. The Bio-Sonification module is a purpose-built circuit able to detect micro fluctuations in conductivity that have a duration between 1000th and 100,000th of a second.
The Open Source Biodata-Sonification Modules were originally designed and created by Engineer, Sam Cusumano. Visit Sam’s biodata forum over at electricity for progress http://electricityforprogress.com Plus, he sells a bunch of super cool electronic kits, boards and more!
While in Australia researching bio-sonification of Gum trees and Aussie fungi, Tosca was interviewed by ABCWhat do mushrooms sound like?
Curious to listen/hear what bio-sonification has taken place so far?
Check out the Midnight Mushroom Music podcast here!