SciArt Metal + Glass camp

Nanopod studio’s super special SciArt Summer
camps are back this August 2018!

Nanopod: Hybrid Studio camps are about enjoying and nurturing young artists and crafters, making all kinds of science-inspired art/craft and building skills together. Kids will be in the studio and Bickford Park this summer creating and exploring new art/craft techniques and mediums through individual and group multi-media projects. Every Artist will take home amazing artwork, a Foldscope, learn how to prepare and spread an insect, design a glass tile, work with copper, make sculpted ceramic pendants, design images to go on T-shirts, create a personal journal for recording, planning and drawing throughout the week and more! Full STEAM ahead! 

Ages 7/8 – 12/13, Monday – Friday 10 AM – 3PM $425.00 per child / 5 days, all-inclusive.  You are also welcome to sign-up for individual days. $130/day

August 20th – 24th or 27th thru 31st  To purchase individual days, please see buttons below. 

  • Monday: the Microcosmic world!  Fold your own microscope and discover the wonders of the microscopic world! For this workshop we will be working with Foldscopes, portable origami-based microscopes made simply of paper and a lens. With its 140X magnification power, a Foldscope can be used to observe anything biological or non-biological that you can stick on a slide.
  • assemble a Foldscope
  • prepare microscope slides
  • use Foldscope in “camera lucida” configuration, project the image you are viewing onto paper, and draw and paint what you see!  Students will construct their own acordian sketchbook/journal where they can record their findings.

Tuesday: Story tiles: Draw a picture/transfer it onto glass. Students will start this day by drawing pictures, a self-portrait, or whatever they imagine! Images are then replicated in glass. Working with pre-cut pieces of glass sheet, thin rods, and frit everyone makes a 6″x6″ tile. Tiles are fired overnight.

 Entomology 101. Working with moths or butterflies students learn how to make a simple spreading board, a hydration chamber, and how-to spread their specimen. Once dry students can then place their specimen in the supplied display case/frame. *Look at insects with your Foldscope!

Learn how to work with copper adding textures, stamping designs- make an insect pendant out of copper! Students learn how to work with gold-smithing hammers, files, stamping tools, and the jeweller’s saw. Cleaning and polishing their pieces are also covered. Everyone leaves with an awesome pendant!

 Images on T-shirts, Sun images, and more! Today is full of creativity! T-shirts are provided, or bring your own! Students work with non-toxic dyes that react with the sun. Paint directly onto the fabric, or make a stencil. Create sun prints. Make a copper and macrame bracelet. Lunch is provided this afternoon.

Guest artist-teachers will be visiting Nanopod studio and sharing their special talents and knowledge. Kids will explore different materials and methods throughout the week. Working with paper, clay, metal, glass, BioArt, SciArt and upcycling materials!

We’ll have a great time and learn a lot!

On Friday we celebrate our week’s end with a healthy (gf, vegan) pizza lunch*

Every day will include fun creative time, outdoor time, games and a walk.

*Allergies are taken into consideration and discussed with parents in advance. Consent forms are sent to parents via email, or please feel welcome to visit the studio in advance!

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