Studio Membership

Looking for a studio space in Toronto where you can work on your metal and glass related projects? This might be the space for you! Come by Thursday evening after 7pm to see if the studio is what you’re looking for and/or email your questions to:

Open studio nights are a perfect time to visit the studio.  If you have a small project you would like to ask for help with you are welcome to bring it in. Please note: This is not actual class time, or working time. See nano-membership below for that.

Thursdays 7pm – 9pm  If it is your first time we recommend coming later in the evening, from 8pm – 9pm.

Nano-members have access to tools and equipment (kiln rental is extra). Members have access to the studio facilities Thursday evenings 6:30-9:30pm, membership costs $185/mo and includes use of studio tools, and equipment (contact us in advance if you require any equipment orientation). Currently enrolled in a workshop/course at the studio? Current students receive a discounted price- please contact the studio for details. 

Purchase membership online or via eTransfer (eTransfer to 


Nano-members + have access to tools and equipment (kiln rental is extra pls, see below). Members have access to studio facilities Thursday evenings 6:30-9:30pm and every other Sunday afternoon (see Google calendar) 12pm to 5pm. This plus time allows for more focused work, Plus you have a dedicated space to work and a Locker to keep your projects*.  Nano-member + runs $355/mo and includes use of studio tools, and equipment (contact us in advance if you require any equipment orientation).

*Studio will sell you a lock & key. One key is kept in a secure file at the studio, just in case. 😉


Materials and consumables are not included in Open Studio time – you need to supply your own saw blades, solder, drill bits, wax, metal, enamel powders, stones, etc. Assistance/guidance is not included, however you need to know what you are doing and how to properly/safely operate equipment, tools, and torches. If you are unfamiliar with some of the industrial/dangerous (chop off fingers, burn off your scalp equipment we suggest taking a beginning workshop or 4wk course). Orientations on how to operate our kilns needs to be booked in advance of kiln use please.

Local Suppliers: Gesswein and sells metal working supplies. Imperial Products (now called Umicore)supplies sterling silver, and gold in sheet form, wire, solder, tubing, etc. For casting your wax models there are a number of casting companies in Toronto: HL located at 59 Adelaide East, just west of Church street. Ready Mounts Casting– on Victoria close to Dundas Square, Procast– located in the 21 Dundas building, 7th floor.

nanopod is a non-smoking environment. Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes, hair spray, soaps and smoking under the awning.
BYOHP= Bring your own head phones! At nanopod- music is life. That said, if you don’t like electronic, ambient, classical, and the generally bizarre, please bring your own tunes/headphones 🙂

Kiln rentals for kilnforming & casting (other kilns are available- not pictured) :

smCaldera-S-wlarge-pyro-Jan2012W11Paragon Caldera:
Length: 8″

Width: 8″
Depth: 6.75″
Top temp: 2350f (1287c)
$45 per day


smF130-Closed-July2014W1Paragon F130:
Width: 11″
Depth: 11″
Height: 13″
Top temp: 1700f (926c)
$45 per day



190826JenKen EZ Fire 24/11:
Width: 24″
Height: 11″
Top Temp: 1700f (926c)
$38 per day



Kiln casting: Bring pre-moulded work to the studio. Please fill out, print and bring in our firing/annealing schedule here Kiln-Glass_Project  include any special notes. Charging your mould? Please arrange time to arrive at studio to do so. Moulds will be removed from kiln 1 day after scheduled kiln time.

Kiln forming: Pate de verre, fusing, slumping. Please fill out, print and bring in our annealing schedule here Kiln-Glass_Project, include any special notes. Items must be removed the following day. Please bring in your own Thin-fire paper, Boron Nitrite sprayed mould, or kiln washed shelves, stands, etc.

Sand is available for levelling and there are small bullseye levels at the studio.

*OS time for current students allows time to work on current class projects. New projects and/or instruction is not included. Guidance is 🙂

* The studio is technically open 24/7 Monthly share/bench rental ‘members’ are given a key and 24 hr access

* Equipment usage: An orientation is scheduled to use the glass kilns, tile saw, etc.

* Email ahead to make certain someone will be available! Especially during the winter months.


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