Studio Membership

Metal + Glass METAL  Looking for a studio space in Toronto where you can work on your metal and glass related projects? This might be the space for you! Come by Thursday evening after 7pm* to see if the studio is what you’re looking for and/or email your questions to:

Metal + Glass share: $350 /month

24-hour access to our studio facility via key, Locker space, Priority use of the studio and studio equipment.

Metal + Glass METAL members are responsible for running and maintaining the space. Metal + Glass members get priority use of the space. Metal + Glass members can bring in their own equipment**

Metal + Glass nano-members have access to tools and equipment (kiln rental is extra). Neophytes have access to the studio facilities Thursday evenings 7-10pm and Sunday afternoons 12pm-5pm NEOPHYTE membership costs $75/month

Purchase membership online or via eTransfer: ($77.47 will be charged to cover Paypal fees) 


Materials and consumables are not included – you will need to supply your own saw blades, solder, drill bits, wax, metal, enamel powders, stones, etc. Instruction* is not included with membership– you need to know what you are doing and how to properly/safely operate equipment, tools, and torches. If you are unfamiliar with some of the industrial/dangerous (chop off fingers, burn off your scalp equipment we suggest taking a beginning workshop or 4wk course). Orientations on how to operate our kilns needs to be booked in advance of kiln use please.

Local Suppliers: Gesswein and sells metal working supplies. Imperial Products (now called Umicore)supplies sterling silver, and gold in sheet form, wire, solder, tubing, etc. For casting your wax models there are a number of casting companies in Toronto: HL located at 59 Adelaide East, just west of Church street. Ready Mounts Casting– on Victoria close to Dundas Square, Procast– located in the 21 Dundas building, 7th floor.

nanopod is a non-smoking environment. Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes, hair spray, soaps and smoking under the awning.
BYOHP= Bring your own head phones! At nanopod- music is life. That said, if you don’t like electronic, ambient, classical, and the generally bizarre, please bring your own tunes/headphones 🙂

Kiln rentals for kilnforming & casting (other kilns are available- not pictured) :

smCaldera-S-wlarge-pyro-Jan2012W11Paragon Caldera:
Length: 8″

Width: 8″
Depth: 6.75″
Top temp: 2350f (1287c)
$45 per day


smF130-Closed-July2014W1Paragon F130:
Width: 11″
Depth: 11″
Height: 13″
Top temp: 1700f (926c)
$45 per day




190826JenKen EZ Fire 24/11:
Width: 24″
Height: 11″
Top Temp: 1700f (926c)
$38 per day



Kiln casting: Bring pre-moulded work to the studio. Please fill out, print and bring in our firing/annealing schedule here Kiln-Glass_Project  include any special notes. Charging your mould? Please arrange time to arrive at studio to do so. Moulds will be removed from kiln 1 day after scheduled kiln time.

Kiln forming: Pate de verre, fusing, slumping. Please fill out, print and bring in our annealing schedule here Kiln-Glass_Project, include any special notes. Items must be removed the following day. Please bring in your own Thin-fire paper, Boron Nitrite sprayed mould, or kiln washed shelves, stands, etc.

Sand is available for levelling and there are small bullseye levels at the studio.

*OS time for current students allows time to work on current class projects. New projects and/or instruction is not included. Guidance is 🙂

* The studio is technically open 24/7 Monthly share ‘members’ are given a key and 24 hr access

* Equipment usage: An orientation is scheduled to use the glass kilns, tile saw, etc.

* Email ahead to make certain someone will be available! Especially during the winter months.

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