Holiday Gift Cards

Purchase a Gift Certificate for a friend or loved one!  

Below are workshop and course option Gift Certificates. Once you pay for your gift certificate you will be sent a link where you can download, and print out a pdf of the certificate purchased. Please ensure your Giftee reads and understands how the certificate works (instructions are included in the PDF).

Group of Sterling silver ring bands.

Ring band workshop, Saturday 12pm-3pm January thru April (please check schedule in the new year) $88.50pp

Learn how to properly measure for your finger, handsaw, anneal Sterling silver, add texture with hammers, steel stamps, or Rolling mill. Form, solder and finish to matte or high polish and leave this workshop with a beautiful sterling silver ring band!

All materials included: Sterling for 1 ring band. No experience necessary!



metal + glass

METAL + GLASS 4wk: Next course starts up Monday, January 8th Form • Fabricate • Cast • Fuse – Learn basic Goldsmithing – 6:30-9:30pm, 5 student max Courses run Jan thru April (Feb-April dates listed under Metal Workshops). 

Purchase certificate:

fusingGlass Fusing workshop: Friday afternoons starting January 12th noon-3:30pm $140pp        This 3.5-hour class introduces many fundamental concepts of creating glass objects in the kiln. After a brief overview students will learn kiln forming/carving and make an approximately 5″x7″ window piece or a bowl form (fused/slumped after class) and 2 pendants, enjoying a wide range of glasses to choose from. Items will be fired after the workshop and available for pick-up a few days later.  No experience with glass is required for this course—recommended for beginners.btn_buynow_LG

hand flame-worked glass heart
hand flame-worked glass heart

Flame ON!, Tuesday evenings starting January 16th 6:30-9:30pm  $175 per person, includes materials- 3 student max. This workshop runs for 3 evenings. This workshop introduces students to the basics of mandrel-wound glass beadmaking by the process of flameworking (lampworking) shaping glass at a bench-mounted, surface-mix oxygen/propane torch. Safety is discussed, tools, terminology of glass, and process. Each student will have access to a torch and will melt and form glass using a variety of hand tools.

This is the chance to experience working molten glass! While not a “product-oriented” workshop, there will be plenty of time for students to make a small, but satisfying batch of colourful beads, which are annealed overnight after each workshop, and cleaned before the start of the next class.  Class fee includes all materials
No experience necessary!btn_buynow_LG Ages 14 on up are welcome!

IMG_20130823_200719Glass Kiln forming workshop  January 13 & 14th, 21st & 22nd $300pp+(optional) lab fee  This intensive class introduces fundamental concepts of creating glass objects in the kiln either through lost wax casting, Pate de Verre or a combination of the two.

Full description under Glass Workshops
Other dates (leave note or email your choice): February 17th-25th, March 24th-April 1st, April 7th-15th.

Participants learn how to fill a pre-made mould of a small bowl with glass paint, glass powder and fine glass -frit-, the moulds are then fired and participants return to the studio to divest and finish their bowls.  $130/pp Materials included, no experience necessary!  

Students learn the basics of pâte de verre from start to finish while making a thin-walled, kiln formed bowl. Students have access to a broad palette of coloured frit (crushed glass) and samples to help predict and understand fired qualities. Demonstrations include various techniques of working with glass powders against the mold, working with color reactions, as well as how to back-fill a packed mold to support the walls of the piece during firing. 

ringSpecial Ring band, Bezel & Prong setting classes

Available dates/times:
Thursday evening’s starting January 18th
during Open Studio time

6:30pm-9:30pm 3 evenings
$285 per person

Please ad date choice in note

Learn how to measure, fabricate and form ring bands, bezel/prong set cabochon stones, saw, and solder. Texture your metal designs using hammers, stamping tools, roller print (using lace, paper cut-outs, leaf skeletons, hole punched paper, etc), annealing and work hardening your metal. Students leave with beautiful, handmade creations and the knowledge/skills to build more work!

Resource list of suppliers is included. Reserve your seat(s) soon!

Workshop includes:
fine silver bezel wire
wire for prong-like settings, bails
saw blades
Students supply their own cabochon cut stones, crystals, rocks, etc.

bezel settings

Register with 3 or more friends and receive 10% off (each seat).


If you are interested in a more ‘customized’ Gift Certificate please, email me and we can discuss options, interests, etc. 🙂


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