4bc74fee4f815a6304006632ebdcd307_originalTosca studied flame-working with Suellen Fowler (who studied with John Burton & founded Northstar Glass), Loren Stump, Jesse Kohl, Eunsuh Choi, Janis Miltenberger, Jennifer Umphress and Kari Russell-Poole. She has taught glass workshops and held demonstrations in Seattle and Tacoma Washington, Reykjavik Iceland, Toronto Canada. She studied glass casting/Pate de verre with Anna Boothe and Deborah Horrell. Glass blowing with Catherine Vamvakas-Lay

afb59d40c733f105aac7cb9c0eaaf263_originalFlame ON!Tuesday evenings starting Feb 21st-March 7th 6:30-9:30pm  $130pp includes materials- 3 student max. Full 
Next workshop Tuesday evenings April 11th-25th 6:30-9:30pm  $130pp includes materials- 3 student max.
This workshop introduces students to the basics of mandrel-wound (soft) glass beadmaking by the process of flameworking (lampworking) shaping glass at a bench-mounted, surface-mix oxygen/propane torch. Safety is discussed, tools, terminology of glass, and process. Each student will have access to a torch and will melt and form glass using a variety of hand tools.This is the chance to experience working molten glass! While not a “product-oriented” workshop, there will be plenty of time for students to make a small, but satisfying batch of colourful beads, which are annealed overnight after each workshop, and cleaned before the start of the next class.  Class fee includes all materials
No experience necessary!btn_buynow_LG Ages 14 on up are welcome! 

glass2Flame On pt 2: Sculpting with the torch, Monday evenings starting February 27th runs to March 20th or Tuesday evenings starting March 14th 6:30-9:30pm  $160pp includes materials- 3 student max.  2 spaces remaining for Feb 27


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This workshop introduces students to the John Burton method of blowing glass tubing at a bench mounted torch. Students learn how to sculpt borosilicate (hard) glass through making small glass bottles and a terrarium! Safety is discussed, tools, terminology of glass, and process. Each student will have access to a torch and will melt and form glass using a variety of hand tools. Evening classes start with a demonstration then students are free to copy the demonstration and experiment with colour. During one of the evenings students will experience pulling their own colour rods! Students can expect to leave this course with several handmade glass bottles and a terrarium or two, along with any left over hand-pulled glass rods as well as the knowledge to continue their work sculpting borosilicate!  Class fee includes all materials
No experience necessary! 
Ages 14 on up are welcome! 

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Pate de verre bowl

Pâte de verre workshops 

Option 1: 3hr workshop, $150pp Friday afternoon February 17th  noon-3pm or 5pm-8pmbtn_buynow_LG

Participants learn how to fill a pre-made mould of a small bowl or skull (think sugar skull), these pieces are then fired and participants return to the studio to divest and finish their pieces. Materials included, no experience necessary!
Option 2: 10hr workshop, Saturday Feb 11th, 10am-5pm (w/lunch break), 2nd day/evening scheduled during workshop, 3-6pm or 6:30pm-9:30pm $250pp  btn_buynow_LG
Students learn the basics of pâte de verre from start to finish while making a thin-walled, kilnformed bowl (med/largish). Students make a plaster silica mold from a model, pack it with glass, fire it, then divest and finish it. Students will have access to a broad palette of colored frit and samples to help predict and understand fired qualities. Demonstrations include various techniques of working with glass powders against the mold, working with color reactions, as well as how to back-fill a packed mold to support the walls of the piece during firing. 


Ars Vitraria Experimentalis : kiln casting Sand casting workshop
6 Sessions: Saturday &  Sunday afternoons, 1pm – 5pm, Next course starts TBA 2017 $430 includes materials. deposit_button
This course is perfect for people looking to turn non-glass items into glass, sculpt items out of clay/wax to be cast in glass, incorporate other materials with cast glass (wood, cement, stone, found items, etc). Using the lost wax casting process as well as sand casting, this course covers various mould making techniques. Adding metal inclusions. Packing moulds with glass, casting and annealing cycles, working with alginate, making silicone moulds to replicate pieces.  Students will learn how to hand finish pieces; grind, sand, and cut glass. Participants in this class will create original sculptures, while learning the infinite possibilities of Kiln casting and Sand casting.    Participants work by recycling glass bottles and casting this glass into sand, create clay models and learn how to build silicone moulds for lost wax castings, etc.   No experience necessary!  Size max 18cm in any direction. Deposit of $215 required to hold seat.

Students will make silicone moulds from items they wish to cast in glass. Examples: plastic/vinyl toy/action figure, anatomical models or small branch, unusual vegetable/fruit, seed pod. Items could also be modelled from Sculpey clay and fired ahead of attending the workshop. Glass options are discussed.

Students pour multiple waxes from their silicone moulds, refine their wax models (add or subtract). Models are then weighed and various glass options are revisited. Once glass choice is determined pouring gates are added to models and then a silica based refractory mould is built around the wax models. Once moulds set up the wax is then steamed out. Meanwhile, glass is weighed, and cleaned.

Sand Casting (BYOB):  Students are asked to bring in 3-4 empty beer bottles. Bottles are cleaned of labels then broken down and melted in a crucible. Simple forms are pressed into sand and the molten glass is slowly poured into these impressions. Glass is then annealed. – further details/instruction given in class.

What’s included:

2 kg of glass

Approx. .9 kg silicon& plastics necessary for mould building (determine if you will need more through the online material calculator)

Refractory materials


Nitrile gloves

n95 Particulate respirator

Cold-working consumables

Note: These workshops are messy! Please wear/bring in clothing that can get covered in clay, plaster, water, etc.

Glass Fusing workshop: Saturday afternoon TBA feb noon-3:30pm $130pp        This 3.5-hour class introduces many fundamental concepts of creating glass objects in the kiln. After a brief overview, and a small field trip to the near-by park to collect blades of grass, twigs, leaves-back at the studio observe your specimen under a microscope and replicate your findings in glass!  Students will learn kiln forming/carving and make an approximately 5″x7″ window piece or a bowl form (fused/slumped after class) and 2 pendants, enjoying a wide range of glasses to choose from. Items will be fired after the workshop and available for pick-up a few days later.  No experience with glass is required for this course—recommended for beginners.btn_buynow_LG


Interested in continuing your glass or metal experiments, honing skills or just renting kiln time? Check out our Open Studio link above for further info