Glass workshops

Glass Kiln forming workshop  Nov 4 & 5, 11 & 12 $300pp+(optional) lab fee  This intensive class introduces fundamental concepts of creating glass objects in the kiln either through lost wax casting, Pate de Verre or a combination of the two.
Students will learn kiln-forming towards making bowls/plates, sculptural, wearable items and more! Students work with Bullseye glass, frit/powder, rod and stringer OR have the option (casting only) with gorgeous Gaffer crystal.    No experience with glass is required for this course.
Saturday afternoon (noon-1pm-break-1:30pm to 6pm):   Introduction/demonstration of vitrigraph kiln cane/murrini/shapes for use in kiln forming glass. Short break then- Students build models from clay, wax patterns, moulds using alginate and more, set-up the kiln for kiln forming/casting/pate de verre.
Sunday afternoon  (noon-6pm): Students learn how to work with refractory materials to hand-build moulds, mother moulds, weigh for glass. Moulds made and set for an hour can then be steamed out of moulds this afternoon and set-up in the kiln(s).
Saturday afternoon (noon to 6pm): Students return to de-invest their models, cold work their glass by hand.
Sunday afternoon (noon-5pm): de-invest moulds, cold work glass by hand.
Lab fee (optional): $100 covers Gaffer crystal colours*, metals, & mould kits
Students are emailed concerning glass colour choice, otherwise everyone works with clear glass.