Metal + Glass, Metal 2 or our Kilnforming/casting & Flameworking classes please, see below:

What is the minimum age allowable in this course?
12 with parental/guardian signed consent form.

What day of the week/hour is this course?

Generally: Monday & Wednesday evenings 6:30-9:30pm (Currently Metal + Glass runs 4 weeks) or afternoon hours during the warmer months. Please check current schedule: December 2018 2 evenings will take place on Thursday, Dec 6 and 13th. Flameworking workshops run Tuesday evenings/afternoons when scheduled. Ring band workshops run Thursday evenings or Saturday afternoons. Kiln forming/casting workshops run Friday afternoon or weekends, sometimes Tuesday and Thursday evenings when those evenings are available.

When does the next (metal + glass) course start? How often do you have them?

Courses run every 4 or 8 weeks, this information is updated on the website every month.

Will I learn how to cast using the lost wax process? Will I learn how to make a mould? Will I be able to do this from home when I finish the course?

Yes, the 3rd evening students work with wax for casting in sterling silver or brass. You could do this at home- equipment runs around $800 to $1000+ and takes practice. For great results most people have their wax models cast through a company downtown- there are several, and this is all that they do. Occasionally guest artists come into nanopod and teach various techniques (mold making, centrifugal casting or glass). And, if required students make simple alginate moulds in the Metal + Glass course. That all said, the Metal + Glass course includes LOST WAX CASTING from carving/forming a wax design, burning it out in a kiln and casting this now ‘lost’ negative space in bronze or sterling silver, and finishing.

Can I use my own stones or do I have to order from your supplier?

Yes, students always bring in their own stones, found objects, etc. The resource list I hand out just helps people know where to purchase metal, books, stones, etc., locally and abroad but you do not have to buy from any of them.

Will I learn how to stamp metal? Will I come out of the course being able to make pendants and rings?

YES! for sure. The 2nd evening everyone learns how to make ring bands using sterling silver. I show you how to add textures using various tools, materials. Plus I give you a Booklet that details the whole process so you can repeat it at home, in your own studio, etc.  The studio also offers a 2 evening workshop in how to make your own metal stamps and repoussé/chasing tools!

Will I learn how to solder?

YES! Using an oxygen & propane torch with silver solder. I discuss different solders, melting points, etc. Metal + Glass teaches basic joint soldering, and sweat soldering.

It says Metal + Glass – What does glass mean? Glass beads? Stained Glass?

Glass, in this instance refers to Casting or Flameworking. Flameworking is the process of melting glass and wrapping it around steel mandrels or sculpting it off mandrel. One evening during the course we work with Italian ‘soft’ glass.
Flameworking is amazing and has been around approx 30,000 years. In the 8 week course people are making beads. Glass casting either using the Lost Wax method/kilncasting or Pate de Verre is now offered in the metal + glass 4 week course.

Are materials included in the price?
Sterling silver for 1 ring band. Copper: 2″x3″ piece, enamel, wax: enough to create a ring, or small pendant, saw blades: 1doz, glass, solder are included. The cost for student´s Lost wax castings is extra (range $10-$100+ this depends on each individual), Cuttlefish/Sand castings require sterling silver for casting. Students are asked to bring in their own metal to recycle (but not mandatory) or the studio offers casting grain/scrap for students to experience the process.

Some stones are available however students generally like to bring in their own (see Resources for some local supplier!). Sterling silver, gold, brass, etc., pricing is based upon the Spot price of the day. Clear glass and coloured powdered glass is included in the Glass casting course (crystal or coloured course/billet cost extra). Metal 2, Glass casting and metal + glass have lab fee options, where students can purchase ahead of the course (please see course description for further details).  If you are looking to create specific designs but, still need guidance and/or to learn certain techniques- Private classes are available.

How many pieces can/will I make in the 4 weeks?
A minimum of 6 to 8 pieces, often more work is created when students replicate demonstrations.

If I miss an evening can I make it up?
Generally speaking, no. That said if notification is received 24 hours in advance a make-up session might be scheduled if time allows.  If two months or more have passed since your course/workshop has ended- make-up sessions are no longer available however Open Studio time is! If evening classes are postponed due to lack of sufficient student attendance – these evenings will be rescheduled. Please make sure the Instructor has your contact information such as: cell number and working email. In case they need to contact you concerning a reschedule.

I can no longer take the class, do I get my deposit back (or a credit towards another class)? Please see Refunds below-

If I take the course with a group of friends, is there a discount?
YES! Everyone receives 10% off* (for groups of 3, maximum 5 students per course) *Private classes and courses booked outside of regularly scheduled evenings do not receive discounts.

I’ve purchased a Gift Certificate/Private class/Workshop for a friend and want to join them, but not participate in the class. 
Due to size constraints the studio requires everyone to pay for workshops, classes, courses, Private time, etc. While you might not physically participate you are still receiving verbal instruction. Groups of 3 receive 10% off!

I am pregnant; can I take this course?
Always speak with your doctor or midwife concerning this.
Nanopod: Hybrid Studio strives to be a green, environmentally friendly, non-toxic studio where it can, using ‘green’ alternatives in place of normally dangerous and harmful chemicals.
The studio is equipped with two ventilation systems, fresh/new dust masks, safety goggles/glasses, and latex free gloves.
After the first trimester it is generally deemed safe.

Since I am a beginner do you think this course would be suitable for me?

Metal + Glass is geared towards absolute beginners. I’ve had many OCAD & George Brown students take my classes, Archeologists from the ROM, mount makers from the AGO- all levels can benefit- especially beginners.

Of course everything takes practice. Many people I have worked with have continued forward and sell their work in craft shows, create custom pieces, sell on Etsy, etc. I recommend people take notes and ask tons of questions, after the first or second evening purchase a few tools from a jewelry supply store and practice at home, take more classes at my studio or elsewhere, read books. There are many different approaches and tricks for the same techniques.

What if I want to make something other than what is scheduled for that evening? For instance, I don’t want to make a ring band, or work with glass, or even work with the materials included in the lab & materials fee:

The classes are structured to teach basic techniques by guiding a group through a series of specific projects. From experience, it is unfair to everyone taking the class to diverge from the course outline for one or more participants because it effectively reduces the amount of instruction that everyone receives and creates confusion in a group session.

Also from experience, when ideas are brought to the beginning class that are at an advanced level (beyond what you can reasonably finish during 3hrs or the course) or stray far from the curriculum, Instructors find that they too often end up in the awkward position of making people’s pieces for them. The course outline allows for individual expression within manageable expectations. Please visit the Flickr site to see examples of student work made in the course.

Respectfully, if you are not prepared to follow the course curriculum, nanopod would recommend that this course is not suited to your requirements. Please see, Private Classes.



Unless noted otherwise, workshops and courses are limited to 6 students to ensure you get the best instruction.   A deposit (or payment in full) is required to secure your seat and supplies for courses/workshops to successfully run.

2 week cancellation notice: Full credit of deposit towards another course
1 week cancellation notice: 50% (or half of the deposit made) towards another course
Last minute or same day cancellation notice: No refund. A credit is possible if the studio receives the remaining course fee the day of cancellation. For instance: metal + glass: $142.50 deposit, $142.50  remaining.  Please understand that deposits and full payment monies go towards supplies and studio rent. We do not receive refunds from our landlady plus, this is our income. Thank you for understanding, it is thoroughly appreciated. 

Occasionally people sign-up and then never appear for class, or come one evening and seemingly cannot make the remaining payment and then never show up again. For these reasons the studio is unable to issue refunds. We are not subsidized, this is how we make our living and pay the rent. Supplies have been purchased to cover your projects and time in our space, with our instruction. We sincerely hope you would understand this. It is no different than you going to work to then suddenly have your employer decide to not pay you for your time. Not cool.

Guest artist instructor run classes:  Because of the advance costs of bringing in a guest artist (from outside of Canada), tuition fees cannot be refunded or credited towards another class or workshop. Thank you for your understanding* In the event of a GA workshop needing to be rescheduled- once you agree to this reschedule, we cannot refund your deposits. Thank you for your understanding.

We highly recommend you check your schedule before committing.

IF something unexpected should arise and you can no longer make a particular evening, the instructor might be able to reschedule a make-up class, however, time is generally an issue as other workshops and courses are taking place. The evening you missed might fall within another class when they are covering the process missed.
Once the first evening has started and consent forms have been signed refunds are no longer issued under any circumstance.

#1 Safety rule:
In consideration of everyone’s safety, nanopod: Hybrid Studio requires students to attend class alcohol and drug free. Working with industrial tools and equipment can be hazardous to your health when not properly respected. Please respect this rule at nanopod: Hybrid Studio. Thanks!

Breaking tools/equipment: Students are shown how to properly use and work with all tools and equipment necessary in their respective workshops/courses. Often instruction is demonstrated several times. Students are encouraged to take notes however, if they are ever unclear as to how a tool is properly used or equipment is used please, ask your instructor! If you break the tool or equipment- you pay for a replacement.

Still have a question?

Please email: nanotopia@me.com
and we will respond as soon as possible.
Email is the fastest way to reach us!

8 thoughts on “FAQs”

  1. Hi
    I just paid for the metal and glass class, via paypal. Is there anything i need to bring. I do have tools.
    Karen Arts

    1. Hi Karen!
      Thank you for registering! An email reminder will be sent out within the next week.
      If you want to bring your own tools please, do so! Just make sure they are marked.
      Bring a sketch/note book, safety glasses, an apron (aprons and safety glasses are available for use at the studio).

      I look forward to meeting you soon.

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