BioArt Bootcamp kit add-ons

The following kits aren’t necessary for the workshops, however, if you  wish to follow along or have a particular experiment in mind that you want to explore before, during or after the workshop series- then these kits are for you.

Bio-Sonification modules sell for $65USD off our BigCartel website. For registrants taking the entire series of workshops we can offer you a 15% discount,  this is also in Canadian dollars!

Kits are sold individually or as a package. Please note- living organisms are unable to ship outside of Canada.

All 4 kits* please see Mycelium kit info below> $85
kits 1-4


Bio-sonification module kit– $55.25 Shipping added in cart, comes with tracking.


Petri dish with living Physarum – $10


Mycelium inoculated substrate for growing your own form(s)- $15 – Please note: the mycelium kit will be discussed after the InterAccess workshop in a privately scheduled 1/hr meet-up. InterAccess did not include a kit aspect due to people registering from all over the world. Only registrants in Canada can purchase this kit from me. Sorry.


Petri dish with living microbes- biopigments- $10



The petri dish kits come with 2-3 plain agar poured plates as well as 1 specimen plate. They will also be sent with instructions on how-to care for your various organisms. 🙂

Kits will be sent out ahead of each workshop or altogether as one shipment- depending upon the weather, organism’s growth cycle, etc. Rest assured you will receive your kits (if ordering all of them) prior to the workshop that they relate to.

Bio-Material workshops in Toronto

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