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 BioArt Bootcamp Fall workshop series!

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From cultivating mycelium, Microbial art, Phyto photography, Bio-Sonification, Fermenting forms, Physarum encounters & more!
Workshops are available individually or register for the entire series.
Workshops include PDF files of materials/supply info, links to recorded workshop(s), Bioart/sciart maker space labs throughout Canada, Mexico, Europe, SE Asia, and the United States. Material and supply lists will be sent out in advance of each workshop when possible.* If not in advance, participants can expect to receive materials lists, etc. after the workshops.

$150 for the entire series.
This workshop series will take place online via Zoom

The Zoom workshops will begin with an introduction then a slide presentation, Q&A, 10 minute break, demos, Q&A . Workshops running longer than 3/hrs will have a short break every hour.  Chat will be open for participants to share questions, links to their work, etc.

Ticket button above takes you to Eventbrite where you can register for the Bootcamp Series. Individual workshops may be purchased through the links below.

Workshop 1 • Sunday, September 27th 12pm to 4pm EDT

Bio-Sonification: Potential uses towards bio-remediation, art, music and more. Step by step Breadboarding of electronic components creating an Arduino shield to building your own Module. Inspiration, field recording and more!
breadboard components towards building an Arduino shield
constructing various electrodes for use in collecting soil, plant, fungi and human biodata
translating biodata into sound using MIDI and Control Voltage output- analog and digital.
Inspiration- artists and scientists working with biodata to Midnight Mushroom Music.

Workshop 2 (in partnership with Interaccess) Sunday October 18th 1PM to 4PM EDT  PWYC  Mycelium Bio-Materials Register here:

From cultivating mycelium edibles, to sculpting, creating mycelium ‘leather’, acoustic panels and more! Working with various substrates and additives, growth mediums, 3D armatures, recycled materials and heaps of inspiration. Step by step demonstrations on pasteurizing, ‘growing’ a mycelium bag, mushrooms used for leather and dying and more! During this workshop participants are introduced to the amazing potentials of mycelium. Mycelium can be used in industrial design, art, architecture – the possibilities are seemingly endless! Check out the Mycelium Martian Dome project, an installation that took place in 2019 through a residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto in partnership with the Ontario Science Centre. NASA Ames Research Centre will cite this artist’s vision/public installation in Phase II in their research towards fungi based building/insulating materials.

Thank you in advance for your support of this workshop series. Please note that due to the large undertaking putting these workshops together we will not be able to offer refunds.
Thank you for your understanding.


Bio-Material workshops in Toronto

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