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Visitor interacting with Primordia at GrowOp 2019

Build your own Nanotopian MIDI Bio-Sonification Module w/customized touch-pads (!) and start listening to the biology around you!  

Seacliff life along Húnaflói Bay, Iceland.

Wednesday evening start, November TBA $95/pp includes full module kit, step x step instruction. Basic soldering of electronics a plus!      

Collaborate sonically with the non-human organisms around you.
Students receive step by step guidance putting together their own Bio-Sonification Module kit and help in understanding how the device works.
Last half of the workshop participants place electrodes onto plants, fungi, themselves or each other and listen to their Bio-data through Ableton Live, Animoog, Model 15 (or similar digital music apps and analog synths) creating a Bio-Sonification Symphony!

Each participant receives their very own Bio-Sonification Module kit, a Module container file that they can 3D print offsite, a set of electrodes and electrode pads.

This workshop will also cover Creating your own Custom Touch-Pads! Participants will create 1 or 2 touch pad/plates they can use to collect bio-data,  trigger sequencers,  and more! Details included upon registration.

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of soldering is very important. Here is a link to the Mighty Ohm’s, fullsoldercomic_en Some Ableton Live knowledge is helpful, but not necessary!

Not included: 3 AA batteries, USB/Lightning to MIDI or MIDI to MIDI cables. These can be found at Moog Audio.
Search under MIDI interfaces 

“Bio-sonification,” basically means using technology to turn the bio-rhythms of natural objects into sound.

Biodata Sonification is a process to translate complex real-time sensor data into musical notes and controls, exploring the auditory sensory modality to provide insights into invisible phenomenon.


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