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Tosca Hidalgo y Terán an interdisciplinary, human holobiont whose work is a confluence of art, ecology, and craft. I view my research as a collaborative effort with the non-Human entities I touch, caress, grow. Having ‘minds’ of their own, current work explores sculpting forms with living mycelium, and bio-sonification. My fascination with mycelium (the root structure of mushrooms) is compounded by several factors: fungi are neither plant nor animal and fungi can clean up ecological disasters. ​ I have found my works that incorporate realtime, nonhuman bio-sonification illicit strong emotional, empathic responses towards nonhuman organisms. I feel one of the most dangerous diseases of humankind is often people's inability to imagine the world from another person, animal, and/or plant’s perspective. My work in nonhuman bio-sonification, fungi bio-materials; creating immersive environments strive to overcome these biases. Instagram: @MothAntler @nanotopia_net

nanopod studio

Thank you for visiting nanopod: Hybrid Studio, an independently run artist studio specializing in Silversmithing, Goldsmithing, Glass Fusing, Flame-working, and lost wax glass casting workshops and courses in downtown Toronto.
All workshops and courses are structured but not hindered by formality or pre-requisite abilities; Nanopod studio provides an environment where individual creativity is nurtured and small ideas can flourish to great work in an exceptionally short period of time.

Please see our Fall 2013 workshop and course schedule in the menu above. If you have any further questions concerning our workshops, or courses please feel free to contact us via email or give us a ring!
Tosca nanopod: Hybrid Studio