Ars Vitraria Experimentalis

metal + glass-2
4 Sessions: Saturday afternoons noon – 5:30/6pm, May 30th start-up  – 5 Student max., 3 student min. $585 includes all materials. This workshop is perfect for people looking to turn non-glass items into glass and properly build moulds. Using the lost wax casting process, this course covers various mould making techniques. Adding metal and clay inclusions. Working with alginate and silicone moulds to replicate pieces.  Participants will learn how to hand finish pieces, and use the nano ‘cold-shop’ to grind, sand, and cut glass. Participants in this class will create beautiful and original sculptures, while learning the infinite possibilities of casting glass!  Bullseye Glass catalogue– take a peek and/or check out Gaffer (crystal) ahead of class.

Participants will learn to work with Alginate to replicate items, sculpt with wax, pate-de-verre firings, open face moulds, double-wall moulds, mother moulds for heavier castings, etc.

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2 thoughts on “Ars Vitraria Experimentalis”

  1. hi Tosca,
    I’d love to see you. I want to talk to you about the kiln casting course. Please give me a call at 647-8831440. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hello Melani
      That would be wonderful. I am unable to phone anyone currently as I am away on an artist residency in Iceland with a non-working phone. I return May 20th. Please email me all of your questions! I am able to receive messages via email 🙂 nanotopia at me dot com
      Hope you are well!

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