From the overwhelmingly positive response my Grow Op 2019 installation, Primordia received it is clear the time has come to move forward with sculpting mycelium, working with mycelium towards bio-remediation, recording bio-data from mycelium, visiting old-growth forests, delving deeper into my interest in mycology.

nanopod: Hybrid Studio has always been dedicated to research, and my love of science: Astronomy, biology (marine, fungi/mycology, bacteria, bio-hacking), microscopy, geography- to name a few of my interests!
After the Fukushima disaster, my focus started to change from making ‘jewelry’ or wearable metal art and flame-working glass to researching new {bio} materials I might work with and learn from that are not harmful to our shared environment, use less energy or give back energy.
Initially, I participated in workshops teaching Japanese techniques of working with paper (turning it into threads or yarn and/or waterproofing washi), clay and studying Obvara (because- yeast glaze!) to growing gourmet mushrooms and using the mycelium blocks to sculpt with (’11-present)!
Sound art has been a serious interest of mine since putting together mix-tapes in grade school (Gen X, babies!), recording my friend’s voices, field recordings to building circuits that go beep (until I figured out how to make these circuits do more than just that!).
 I now combine my love of ‘found’ sounds and mycology.  So, my focus seriously zeroed in on working with non-human organisms, listening to them (if you will) mid-2016 and this focus has snowballed.
I am forever grateful for all of the support nanopod studio received as a goldsmith and silversmith studio school and the love received as a glass studio and school. Now I feel the time has come to move deeper into my work with sound, mycelium towards bio-remediation and giving back to the planet and its inhabitants in a more material friendly manner. This website will remain up, metal & glass workshop offerings will start to wain as nanopod: Hybrid Studio metamorphs into its new form.  Love always, Tosca

CO:LAB 2019 2.0

One door shuts and another one opens! nanopod: Hybrid Studio located at 322 Harbord Street (at Grace!) is now home to not just Tosca and her work but the Vexed Muddler, Andrei Gravelle (Nanotopia), The Mushroom Guerrilla and T. Dorje.

—————- interested in past info? Continue reading below ——–

co:Lab|nanopod: Hybrid Studio is an attitude-free/non-judgemental creative space where everyone is welcome!


nanopod: Hybrid Studio Toronto has been an independently run artist studio since 2005. Before opening a physical location on Harbord street, Tosca was based out of Toronto’s Historic Distillery District as a founding member of *new* Gallery with Lily Yung, Beth Alber, Anne Barros, Melinda Mayhall and Wendy Walgate, and shared a studio space with Catherine Allen and Patricia Spenga called The Fish Bowl. In 2004 Catherine Allen returned to Halifax to complete her MFA and Tosca took over the Fish Bowl turning it into TANK Fire + Metal before relocating to the Harbord Street space in August 2005.

Tosca has taught basic, intermediate and advanced gold-smithing/silver-smithing since 1998 (Taos, NM. Working with glass since 2004, she has been teaching glass fusing, and flame-working since 2006, kiln casting since 2011.

500_mecrystal2Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Tosca studied with and assisted many Master goldsmiths (Oppi UntrachtPhil Poirier, Harold O’Connor, Doug Magnus, Mona Van Riper, Olin West, James Reid, LTD to name a few) and silversmiths (Tabra Tunoa, HZH Designs, Sausalito, etc) throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and New Mexico before relocating to Toronto, Canada in 2001. From 2002-’05 Tosca worked out of the Distillery District’s Gooderham & Warts Case Goods building, and from 2003 to May ’05 Tosca offered her workshops and courses out of the Fishbowl studio which turned into Tank, before opening her own independently run studio on Toronto’s downtown Harbord Street, nestled between Little Italy & Little Korea.
Working with metal for over 30+ years, Tosca was introduced to glass as an artistic medium in 2004. Through developing bodies of work incorporating metal + glass Tosca has been awarded scholarships & Artist residencies at The Corning Museum of Glass, Pilchuck Glass School,  The Penland School of Crafts, Gullkistan Centre for Creative People in Iceland,  Nes artist residency in Iceland and Gler í Bergvík glass blowing studio in Iceland. Her work has been featured at SOFA New York, Culture Canada, Metalsmith Magazine, The Toronto Design Exchange, and the Memphis Metal Museum. A long-term guest artist instructor at the Ontario Science Centre, Tosca was awarded the Glass Art Association of Canada’s Project & Development Grant for 2013, the Creation & Development grant from the Ontario Arts Council in 2014, and artistic pursuit travel grants from the Canada Arts Council.

Tosca studied flame-working with Suellen Fowler (who studied with John Burton & founded Northstar Glass), Loren Stump, Jesse Kohl, Eunsuh Choi, Janis Miltenberger, Jennifer Umphress, and Kari Russell-Poole. She has taught glass workshops and held demonstrations in Seattle and Tacoma Washington, Reykjavik Iceland, Toronto Canada. She studied glass casting/Pate de Verre with Anna Boothe and Deborah Horrell. Glass blowing with Catherine Vamvakas-Lay

Her audio work can be found on Soundcloud
and video projects can be found on Vimeo

Personal website: www.toscateran.com

Experimental Studio/Gallery: www.colabto.wordpress.com

Mycelium Network Podcast: https://goo.gl/95PdBe

nanopod: Hybrid Studio strives to keep the materials, chemicals, and practices employed as low-impact, clean and environmentally conscious as possible. Citrus Pickle and biodegradable soaps are used. Packaging is re-used. Wax is recycled when possible, and metals are recycled. ————————————————•

Please visit Tosca’s personal website for further information about her and what’s new. Meanwhile, please check out the amazing, wonderful video Portrait commissioned by Etsy and created by artist-photographer Pascal Perich featuring Tosca Teran aka nanopod: Hybrid Studio.

Handmade Portraits: Nanopod from Etsy on Vimeo.

Travel through the dark dreams and inner turmoil of Tosca Hidalgo y Teran, where the glow of a blowtorch births the intangible.

Read the full Etsy blog post here: http://www.etsy.com/storque/article/12464

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Bio-Material workshops in Toronto

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