Happy Spring 2021!

Hello there! Its been awhile… I miss holding workshops at the studio, meeting new people. But these times while intense and difficult for myself, my partner and many many people that are experiencing various hardships- self-isolation has held some surprising positives. For myself and some friends/colleagues we’ve been extremely fortunate in receiving support from arts councils, and the Goethe-Institut Montreal’s New Nature Exchange. More information regarding this project can be found here, I recommend checking it out!

image taken from Symbiosis

I’ve also been busy installing (January) Forest UnderSound at the Museum in Kitchener, ON as well as working on the upcoming installation for NAISA (new adventures in sound art) which will run Jul 29 to Sept 20 2021.

The Mycorrhizal Rhythm Machine

and musical/sound explorations with my partner

This month Studio Craft & Design Canada comes out with their Spring/Summer 2021 issue and you will find a small article about me and my work to date. 🙂 Subscribe to grab a copy!

And maybe Like and Subscribe to my Youtube channel! Once or twice a month nanotopia live streams Midnight Mushroom Music 😀

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