Democratizing Mushroom Cultivation: Fungal Bio-Materials

Democratizing Mushroom Cultivation: Fungal Bio-Materials

Everyone knows fungi from mouldy bread and decomposing trees, but few people are aware that fungi are also the perfect material that can be cultivated for use towards sustainable substitutes for traditional and oftentimes environmentally unfriendly products.

In this workshop artist Tosca Terán will introduce participants to the fantastic potential of mycelium for collaboration at the intersection of art and science. Participants will learn how to cultivate mycelium affordably towards use as a bio-material and/or food. Participants will be introduced to sterile and non-sterile techniques, suggestions and inspirations for working with various armatures (3D printed, hand-knit/crocheted, wood structures, etc), as well as sculpting and forming with mycelium as a demonstration. Mycelium can be used in industrial design, art, fashion, architecture – the possibilities are seemingly endless!

Check out Tosca’s Mycelium Martian Dome project, an installation that took place in 2019 through a residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto (MOCA) in partnership with the Ontario Science Centre and the Primordia immersive installation that won the Jury Award at The Gladstone’s Grow-Op 2019.

Sunday, October 18, 2020
Online via Zoom – Register here!

Registration: This workshop is PWYC ($20 suggested donation). Please note that the fee can be waived if it is a financial barrier to participation. Send an email to and we will manually register you to the workshop. You will receive an email with a Zoom event link a few days prior to the workshop.  Contact for any questions.

Materials required: 

  • Ziplock, plastic bag or plastic bucket (2-5l)
  • Cardboard (recycled if possible!)
  • Stainless pot for boiling water
  • Small knife, sterilized in boiling water
  • Spray bottle
  • 1-2 fresh mushrooms (NB: Oyster mushrooms work especially well and can be found at Farmer’s markets and/or gourmet grocery stores, such as Fiesta Farms and Unboxed Market in Toronto. Recommended if wanting to cultivate towards food.)
  • Optional: nitrile or latex free gloves, particulate mask.

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