Saying farewell to various Social media…

Thank you everyone that has kept up with the FB feeds. Closing the nanopod Facebook page (If that is even possible!) and merging nanopod with co:Lab. Instagram/Twitter will remain for now. Tumblr? Does anyone still use Tumblr?!

Apologies to students these past couple of years. Many life events and life changes I have perhaps not truly been paying attention to and sadly translating into my  bad attendance, disrupting class flow and being perceived a flake. This is not at all the impact intended.

This May I lost my mom. This has entirely thrown my emotional/spiritual life topsy-turvy and the feelings are still quite raw for me. Add to this a major installation/project with expectations from various institutions and more wrenches thrown into my operating/functioning like a normal human being schedule- nope.

I am considering closing this website down. While the studio is still up and running with new artists/makers/science-people coming in to share the space, I do not have the time to successfully run multiple websites.

Workshops and courses are still taking place and new ones will be available soon instructed by the new people in the studio!

For now I need to finish up some projects and take some very necessary time away to reconfigure all things.

Thanks again! I truly appreciate all of the support, patience, understanding – it has meant a lot.  If you have any questions please, do not hesitate to reach out via email.




2 thoughts on “Saying farewell to various Social media…”

  1. Hello, I have been on your email list for quite sometime now checking out all of your classes you teach. I have yet to sign up for one. Life on my end has been very hectic. So, we actually have not met. I am writing you to say firstly I am sorry to hear of your moms passing. It is only time that heals the pain. You will see her again when it’s your turn to return home. We are a spirit merely having a human experience in this very short lifetime here. I send healing energies to you. It is healthy to take time for self and heal. Never spread yourself out too thin. Sounds like your decisions to do so is the right thing to do at the moment. When I read what you wrote about being looked at as a “flake”. Never take that negativity to your heart. You are a very gifted artist with such passion in teaching others and by doing so you are helping others feel good about their accomplishments. You play a very important role here. Never let negative cruel people try to bring you down. It’s their issues. Their jealousy not yours to take on. You and your closest people around you know the kind and KIND person you are. Keep following your intuition. Never give up on your passion. Take time needed to heal. I wish you all the best. I know how life can have many challenges. I’ve learned perseverance. This life has lots of lessons for us. Be true to self, blessings,

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