Vitrigraph Cane & Murrine workshops in Toronto

New Workshop! Vitrigraph Cane & Murrine 4 student max, $425pp  
July 22-30 10am to 5pm 
Glass cane and murrine have largely been created in the Hot Shop. Think glassblowers in Murano, Italy and roaring furnaces… Similar cane & murrine can be made in small scale studios through the use of a Vitrigraph kiln & Bullseye compatible glass**.  Deposit of half required to reserve seat & purchase materials. 
In 2013 Tosca was awarded the Glass Art Association of Canada project grant toward the research and development of constructing cane and murrine in a small scale studio environment. In 2014 she was awarded an Ontario Arts Council grant to continue work and experimentation in Vitrigraph pulled cane and murrine with the goal of bringing this research to the public through workshops.
In this workshop students will design and make multi-coloured canes and

Vitrigraph pulled glass

incorporate them with other forms of glass into several kilnformed projects. Creating the canes will involve handling and manipulating hot, molten glass. Proper safety equipment will be provided. No prerequisites.

Students will work as teams, each assisting the other in pulling and cutting canes. Students will be shown how to properly cut and prepare their glass for the vitrigraph kiln. How to set-up a vitrigraph kiln will be discussed and a course outline handed out. **Students are welcome to bring in their own glass for use in this workshop and will receive a discount of $100 towards the class when doing so please, email the studio for details.
 Students can expect to make 30-50 cane and several small plates and bowls (sushi set?)

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