Entomology Lecture/Demo


Join nanopod: Hybrid Studio Friday evening August 26th for Entomology 101: Beetles & Moths and Saturday, August 27th for Continued Entomology: Rarities & Aberrations

Pre-workshop lecture and demonstration can be attended for $20 per person, $5 per child (under 18). Lecture/demo fee can be added towards either of the full workshops offered!

Full workshop includes 2 insects (a variety to choose from!) one Riker mount display, the pinning/spreading board made during class, resource list as well as 1 set of insect pins.

Other unusual insects will be available for purchase before and after the workshops!

Tea, coffee and water will be available during class. Wheel chair accessible.

Both Lectures/Demos and workshops are taking place off-site at 1101 Bloor Street West at the Toronto Public Library Bloor/Gladstone branch. Bup321-Cyphogastra-javanica
Lecture/Demo: Adult tickets Eventbrite - Entomology Lecture & Demo
Lecture/Demo: Child tickets (under 18) Eventbrite - Entomology Lecture & Demo Child tickets
Tickets to the Entomology workshops can be bought here: https://nanopod.tv/entomology/

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