Flame-work molten glass & Metal + Glass Camp!

Pate de verre bowl
Pate de verre bowl

Glass Pate de Verre workshop Friday afternoon, July 15th 1pm-4pm $130pp This 3-hour class introduces many fundamental concepts of creating glass objects in the kiln. After a brief overview, students make a small bowl or ‘Sugar’ Skull using granules of glass that are mixed to form a paste. Colour is applied selectively by sifting or painting on glass powders. Pâte de verre is a kilncasting method that literally means “paste of glass”.  The general premise is to mix frit granules with some sort of binder such as gum arabic, then apply the glass to the inner surface of a negative mood. Nanopod provides students with a plaster silica mold of a bowl or skull and demonstrates pâte de verre methods and design options. You personalize the project using a palette of glass powders and fill the shell of the mold with a frit paste. Your piece will the be kiln-dried and back-filled prior to firing. The final piece, which will be available for pick-up a few days after class, will be a hollow form that, despite its delicate and sugary appearance, is a strong and long lasting object. Bowls are approximately 4 inches in diameter and 2 inches high.                                           No experience necessary, materials included!Eventbrite - Glass Pate de Verre workshop


hand flame-worked glass heart

hand flame-worked glass heart

Flame ON!, Thursday afternoons (multiple dates available click: Buy Tickets to be taken to schedule) noon to 4pm  $130 per person, includes materials- 4 student max 
This workshop introduces students to the basics of mandrel-wound glass beadmaking by the process of flameworking (lampworking) shaping glass at a bench-mounted, surface-mix oxygen/propane torch. Safety is discussed, tools, terminology of glass, and process. Each student will have access to a torch and will melt and form glass using a variety of hand tools.

This is the chance to experience working molten glass! While not a “product-oriented” workshop, there will be time for the student to make a small, but satisfying stash of colorful beads which are annealed overnight, and cleaned when you pick them up.  Class fee includes all materials
No experience necessary! Ages 14 on up are welcome! Eventbrite - Flame ON!

Flame-worked glass bead

Flame-worked glass bead






Kiln Forming/Glass fusingMetal + Glass 8 day Camp! August 2nd to August 11th Summer art/craft camp! This intensive workshop teaches students how to work with hand tools, design concepts, subtractive and additive sculpting, kiln-forming glass, painting with glass, etching metal .. have fun learning new skills. $400pp

Summer art/craft camp! This intensive workshop teaches students how to work with hand tools, design concepts, subtractive and additive sculpting, kiln-forming glass, painting with glass, etching metal ..  have fun learning new skills.

Everyday covers a different technique
Safety in the studio and working with various materials is covered with each new process.
Day 1: Working with hammers and stamping tools students add textures, words, images to copper pendants, and small bracelets.
Day 2: Properly measure, texture and form sterling silver ring bands.
Day 3: Small field trip to the near-by park to collect blades of grass, twigs, leaves-back at the studio observe your specimen under a microscope and replicate your findings in glass! Paint on glass, make a couple of pendants and a window piece. Students will learn kiln forming/carving and make 5″x7″ window pieces and a couple of pendants.
Day 4: Working with cuttlefish bone moulds carve out patterns that will then be cast in pewter.
Day 5: Work with vitreous enamel painting/sifting images on copper that will be fused in a kiln.
Day 6: Draw pictures onto brass or copper and learn how to etch metal (like circuit boards) and turn these images into pins/brooches.
Day 7: Working with found items: flat rocks, drift wood, twigs, bottle caps, broken ceramic bits students learn how to hand drill and rivet with metal tubing and turn their finds into charm necklaces/bracelets.
Day 8: Finish up projects.

What’s included:
Sterling silver for 1 ring band
Copper for forming, rivets, and making bracelet blanks
Brass for etching
Glass enamels
Glass for kiln forming
Sterling for cuttlefish casting – approx 5 grams
Cuttlefish bone
Microscope slides
Nichrome wire
Various copper, brass and bronze wire

Use of tools and equipment.
* Salt solutions are used for etching. The studio works with green alternatives whenever possible. Students will not come into contact with any harmful chemicals. Particulate masks are worn when working with glass powders. At no time are the students working with fire, or dangerous materials.
Recommended for 12 years on up! Under 18? Parental consent forms are sent via email upon registration.

Super course rate of $50 per day – Reserve your space today!

ring band workshops

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