Beginning Entomology class

Take this class with your kids! Fantastic learning experience!


IMG_3720BUGS {beginning Entomology} EVENING CLASS $70ppย 
6:30pm-10pm, October 23rd

In this class, students will learn everything about basic butterfly preparation. We will discuss harvesting and drying specimen, rehydrating dried specimen, and in class we will practice handling techniques, spreading, mounting, the nuances of posing, display, and maintenance. An assortment of ethically sourced butterflies in various sizes, shapes, and colors will be provided. Students will learn how to put together and maintain their own rehydration chamber, things to check for during all stages of the process to ensure a clean and successful end product, and tips for gentle handling. Students will also build their very own spreading boards for use in class and beyond. We will also cover how to select museum quality materials for displays. Display cases for finished butterflies will be provided

As always, all specimen are ethically sourced. We will be reviewing the origins of the assorted butterflies used in class, how students can ethically and legally source specimen, and suggested, reputable suppliers. If there are any excess specimen left, they will be available for students to take home for practice and future use.

Students go home with their own prepared butterfly, a spreading board that can be used for future projects, an extra butterfly for practice, and the knowledge to create their own pieces in the future. It is recommended students bring a small bag or box to transport their pieces.





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