Lost wax casting, Stone setting, Enameling, Ring Bands & more in Toronto

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 16.17.07
Cuttlefish bone castings: sterling silver


Well, here’s some badass news! Starting August 17th the Metal + Glass course will include lost wax casting from start to finish!

What exactly does that mean? You might wonder. It means that now participants will not only learn how to work with ‘jeweler’s wax’ but they will also learn how to invest and cast their models using the centrifugal casting machine in house! That is going to equal lots of thrills and chills 🙂 Fun times and mega skills. The price of the course is going up a little, just $5.00 and also includes 1 ounce of Sterling silver casting grain. Adding in house casting opens up a lot of possibilities folks! Can’t wait to see who signs up for this new course offering. 😀

Below are full details, images and links to go register! Any questions? Please email me.


Sterling silver hand-fabricated ring with bezel-set Dendritic agate
Sterling silver hand-fabricated ring with bezel-set Dendritic agate

4 week Metal + Glass: Next course starts up Monday, August 17th or Fall start, September 14th and runs Monday & Wednesday evenings (register below)
Form • Fabricate • Cast • Fuse – Learn basic Goldsmithing + Lost wax casting glass – 6:30-9:30pm, 4 weeks, 2 evenings per week. – $285 per person, 6 people max, 3 people min.
Half down required to hold space $142.50

evening #1: First evening: working with copper-safety, drilling, sawing.

evening #2: Making a band ring out of silver (stamp, hammer finish, roller print, etc.)

evening #3: Working with wax create pieces w/the lost wax technique- to be cast in Sterling silver in house.

evening #4: Finishing wax projects, invest models

evening #5: One by one each participant casts their flasks and starts cleaning their pieces.

evening #6: Bezel settings cabochon stones or fossils or crystals. Clean-up metal castings

evening #7: Enameling copper projects, forming, how to make your own findings.

evening #8: Finish up projects

No experience necessary! Register here (link takes you to a Square check-out page)

Copper, wax, glass, and some sterling silver are supplied*. A list of local suppliers is included. Questions concerning this course? Please see our FAQ’s

Deposit of half down required to hold space. Registrants will be invoiced prior to first evening of course.

Vitreous enamel on copper
Vitreous enamel on copper


What is included:
Sterling silver for 1 ring band
Approx 3″ x 3″ piece of 16 to 18 gauge copper
Solder to complete projects in class
1 dozen 3/0 saw blades
1 oz of Sterling silver casting grain
Glass powders
Bezel wire for 1 setting
Use of tools & equipment




Lost wax cast rings



What participants need to supply:
Half face respirator or particulate mask
Cabochon stone or fossil, crystal
Sterling silver sheet for bezel setting (optional)
Apron (optional- available for use at studio)
Safety glasses (optional- available for use at studio)

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