Metal 2, electroforming/plating, hollowform, casting, fusing, etching workshops in Toronto

metal 2
Form • Fabricate • Electroform • Etching • Fuse

6:30-10pm, 1 evening per week, Thursday evenings  March 13th, 12 weeks- 3 student minimum, 5 max. $180pp + $250 lab & materials fee**    

Demonstrations in fold forming, etching (copper & silver), and hollow forms (making silhouette dies), electroplating, Lost Wax casting and fusing glass small scale items & Sterling settings. This course gives students hands on experience manipulating metal, electroforming, and embellishing metal, while sharpening soldering and fabrication skills working on personal projects. Students will work together and independently on their projects.
Starting out with an introduction on techniques covered, expectations, design considerations, and ends with students finishing off fold formed samples/pieces, an etched hollow form, electroforming organic/inorganic objects, setting up & casting for lost wax, fusing a small glass colour bar*, and unusual settings with Sterling silver.

Fast paced, students need to show up ready for action! Materials fee includes: a 3″x 3″ piece of 16 gauge Sterling silver plate, 16 gauge 12″x 6″ copper, 2 ounces of Sterling silver casting grain, 1 gross of 3/0, 1/0, & 1 doz spiral saw blades. 3″x4″ plexiglass, Silver solder, flux, wax and expendables necessary for (copper) electroforming, casting and glass for fusing.              Use of tools and equipment.  Beginners welcome!

* cold working glass (sawing, fusing, polishing) for use in the Sterling setting portion or students can choose to cast glass. If you’d like to try both options add $45 onto lab fee
** students may opt to work on a project of their choice or just the sections available below.
Electroforming runs for 3 evenings at  $130pp
Lost wax casting runs 4 evenings at $180pp plus $130 lab fee (includes wax for ring or pendant and 2 ounces of Sterling casting grain)
If you have any further questions concerning this course, drop me an email!

register **The Lab & Materials fee is necessary if registering for the full course.


metal 2 – Electroforming + Plating objects Interested in Electroforming & Plating organic items? Register for the electroforming part of this course (4 spaces available!) Thursday evenings, April 3rd to 24th 6:30-9:30pm $130pp  Students will electroform small items such as twigs, leaves, acorns, pods (iris, poppy) glass beads, crystals, gem stones, fossils, lace, wax models. Students will learn how to set-up their own electroforming/plating space at home or in their studio. How to prepare items to be electroformed: sealing items, adding jump rings, etc. Finishing items: plating with brass, gold*, black chrome, etc., adding patinas, enamelling pieces (however enamelling is not included in this workshop. Students need to bring latex, or Nitrile gloves, a glue gun & hot glue plus items** they would like to electroform/plate. *gold is not included but will be discussed. **items made in this class will be pendants, very simple rings or free standing objects.





Lost wax cast rings in bronze and Sterling silver. Beginning student work!

Lost wax cast rings in bronze and Sterling silver. Beginning student work!


Metal 2 – Lost Wax Casting Interested in casting your own wax models? Register for the lost wax casting portion of this course (4 spaces available!) Thursday evenings, May 1st thru May 22nd. Lost wax casting runs 4 evenings at $180pp plus$130 lab fee deposit (includes wax for ring or pendant and 2 ounces of Sterling casting grain)








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